The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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  • Zelda Wind Waker Research Paper

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    want to play more modernized games, I would highly suggest students take the time to appreciate what the classic genre has to offer. The Zelda franchise literally formed the gaming industry into the industry it is today. One of the games that has shifted the Zelda franchise is The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker. Similarly to the mass of the other ZELDA games; Wind Waker approaches gameplay with an almost identical trial. On Outset Island it is a young warrior named Link’s birthday. It is a special day

  • Mkt1 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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    Part1/2 Design has factored a great amount in my life. It has told me what to choose and what not to choose in clothing, grocery, and book stores. Design influences me in these places because it helps me to be aware of what I’m buying and what is physically appealing to me as a consumer. One time I was at the grocery store with my mother, and I bought 20oz Fuji water bottles for the both of us. While I was in line, waiting to pay for the water bottles, I started to think of why the company of

  • The Wind Waker Research Paper

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    all leading up to this moment. Either I win or the world would be plunged into chaos once more. That’s how playing video games felt when I was 8. I have always loved video games and the work that goes into them. None more than the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I have known that I wanted to enter the game industry for a long time. I began my sophomore year by leaving the traditional high school environment and opted to attend the Center for Technology, Essex instead. Enrolling in the Pre-Tech

  • Essay The Legend of Zelda: A Perfect Religion

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    who wants to call themselves a gamer has to have some idea as to what Zelda is. It is among one of the most popular video game series out there and has created its own cultural wellspring. There have been spin off cartoons, websites, walkthroughs, forms, etc…but strangely enough the story for one of the video games doesn’t change much. You are this elf looking boy or adult named Link that is on a quest to rescue Princess Zelda, reunite the Triforce, and save the land of Hyrule from evils such as

  • Research Paper On Nintendo

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    This essay will talk about how Nintendo is currently the best company in the video game race. It will discuss all of Nintendo’s innovations to the video gaming industry as a whole and how without Nintendo, the video game industry would be drastically different. An example of an event that would have altered the video game industry without Nintendo would be the Video Game Crash of 1983, where video games were being reproduced at a rate where all copies couldn’t be sold and how all of the games at

  • The Grandfathers Of Video Games

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    Olivier Leroy 26/04/2016 The GrandFathers of Video Games From the classic plumber in the red jumpsuit to the first ever motion-controlled console, the classic and most iconic video game company have been revolutionising the world of entertainment since their debut in the console market in 1983. Nintendo was originally founded in 1889 as a Japanese playing card company by a man named Fusajiro Yamauchi

  • Neil Postman 's An Internet Age Response

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    Thirty years ago, Neil Postman argued that with TV, we are "amusing ourselves to death." More recently, in an Internet-age response to Postman, opposing author Steven Johnson argues that "everything bad is good for you," including video games, television, Internet, and film. Neil Postman builds his argument by breaking down television into its component parts: photographs and the telegraph. He argues that both of these media inherently decontextualize their content. Photographs are inherently out

  • Localization Of Japanese Games And Its Impact On The World

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    Beginning mainly in Japan itself, the now vast games industry has flourished across the world. Since the 1970’s most games have been developed in Japan and America and continue to expand. Naturally, with this expansion comes the need for translation and such. This is what is known as localization – the systematic process by which a game is translated into other languages for use around the world. Games localization encompasses a wide scope of alterations beyond linguistic and cultural factors, such

  • Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

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    Introduction and Company Background Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. is a multinational video game company that was founded and established on November 16, 1993 in Tokyo, Japan. Our company is a wholly subsidiary, an important part of the Consumer Products and Services Group of Sony. SCE Inc. is responsible for Research and Development, production, and sales of both hardware and software for the PlayStation line of handheld and home console video systems. The purpose if this memo is to propose the

  • Comparing Xbox One, Wii 4 And Wii U

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    Compare and Contrast the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U PS4, Xbox One and Wii U (Hardware Specification) PS4 and Xbox both has slot loading Blu-ray drive and built in 802.11n Wi-Fi. PS4 has Bluetooth 2.1, despite Xbox doesn’t have Bluetooth. Wii U doesn’t support DVD or blu ray discs. PS4 has two high speed USB 3.0 ports, Xbox one has 3 USB 3.0 ports and Wii U has 4USB 2.0 port. At the back of the PS4 console, it has HDMI OUT, Digital Out (Optical) for audio, while Xbox has 2 HDMI ports,