Roundhouse kick

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  • A Biomechanical Analysis of the Roundhouse Kick

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    Anatomical Analysis Tae Kwon Do is a Korean, unarmed martial art and is best known for its kicks (Park, 2001). The roundhouse kick is a turning kick and happens to be the most commonly used kick during competition (Lee, 1996). For this reason, the roundhouse kick will be analyzed in reference to sparring competition. The roundhouse kick, a multiplanar skill, starts with the kicking leg traveling in an arc towards the front with the knee in a chambered position (Pearson, 1997). The knee is extended

  • Descriptive Essay On Karate Class

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    It was Monday everything was going normally until when the clock, struck 1:00 and my friend called me and said you are in karate class, then suddenly I jumped out from the couch and said what! I was so happy to be in Karate class I wanted to go run on the street and tell everyone I was in karate (I always had a dream to go to a karate class) I asked my friend when is my karate class and he answered it’s today so be ready for it than my phone fell off from my hand because I was so happy and I asked

  • My Mother The Best Mother

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    My mother is one of the best mothers in the world. She always makes sure I have everything I need for school such as pencils, books, computer. My mother also helps me with most of my homework. My mother as provided entertainment for me such as ps4 and Xbox and games for my ps4 and my Xbox. My mother is loving, helpful, respectful, loyal, she kind hearted , and she always has a smile on her face during high times and low times. My mother cooks, clean, and does the chores for everyone in the house

  • Persuasive Speech On Swimming

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    As the buzzer bleeps the people are blasting from the wall. They treaded through the water just like sharks chasing their prey. The audience is staying still wondering who will win. Swimmer 3 is in the lead. Wow! Swimmer 5 just passed Swimmer 4 and all the way up to Swimmer 3. Swimmer 5 is just about to finish, but Swimmer 3 is on his tail. Swimmer 1 and 2 should speed it up or it’s over. Swimmer 5 is almost there. 25 meters away, 15 meters away, 10 and 5 meters. Finished! Super! Swimmer 3 beat Swimmer

  • The Heat Of The Dojo From Outside The Door

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    take my spot in the spectator stands. I take a seat between Lily and James’s parents. I can hear the ding in the distance signalling the first match. The first match goes by quick, with a win by James. He wins by faking a round kick, then jumping up and doing a horse kick. The second match begins with a fight between Alex and Thomas. That round doesn’t look like it will end soon. It keeps going until the third round as Thomas drops to the ground from exhaustion. Then, comes the dreaded moment for

  • I Am Sweating Profusely - Original Writing

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    I was sweating profusely. Of course, it was the middle of summer in Southern California; why wouldn’t I be. In fact, in the dojo it was sweltering. That wasn’t really why I was sweating though; this was the day of my test. I remember everyone was making jokes and frivolously making small talk, but it was only to pass time. I looked on the mat and noticed how big it was, how it could hold a hundred people; then I realized how observable every mistake I made would be with only a few testers on the

  • Tae Kwon Do Personal Injury

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    “only two more board tests to go and you’re going to be a black belt”, I kept telling myself. I was almost done, I could taste it. As the instructor made his way towards me with five fresh boards, I was visualizing myself perform the perfect roundhouse kick to split the five boards in half. The instructor got in position holding the boards up as I gathered the last bit of energy I had left. “Black belt, black belt, black belt”, I kept repeating to myself when the required adrenaline I needed finally

  • The Game Of Freedom And Dance

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    The Game of Freedom and Dance - Capoeira What is Capoeira exactly? Is it just another overvalued Brazilian sport like fútbol, or could we recognize it as an incredible art to be admired for its ingenious upbringing and artistic form? I recently attended a roda, a circle of people in which Capoeira is performed, hosted at a Capoeira school in Atlanta. Amazed after the spectacular event, I went to personally interview and ask one of the veteran Capoeiristas a few questions, regarding what she knew

  • karate Essay

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    moves. Practicing in fighting will assist in the timing and rhythm of the execution of the move. In a kata you have as long as you want to throw each kick, each block, each punch, and as much time to move into the next stance. During a fight, you must use these

  • The Rules Of Kickboxing Are Based On Thai Boxing 's Rules

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    kickboxing means Japanese kickboxing and American kickboxing. It combines the skills of karate, muay thai and boxing. The generalized kickboxing means a kind of kung fu which allows to use fist and leg attack at the same time, like muay thai, french kicks and karate. In English, kickboxing is called “ KB ” for short. (Source - ??) The rules of kickboxing are based on Thai Boxing 's