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  • Joseph Christian Leyendecker : Shades Of Colors And Lines

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    Joseph Christian Leyendecker – Shades of Colors and lines Joseph Christian Leyendecker a German-American Illustrator and Painter emigrated to Chicago in 1882 from Germany at the age of sixteen with his parents. He studied under John H. Vanderpoel One of his paintings titled “With Admiral Togo Off Port Arthur”, a medium of oil on canvas with the framed dimensions of 31 x 23 x 2 inches, and unframed 27 1/8 x 19 inches. This painting was started in September of 1903 but not quite sure when the finished

  • Swot Analysis Of Penney Company, Inc.

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    Since being founded by James Cash Penney in 1902, J.C. Penney Company, Inc, continues to be a major player in the retail business. Primarily, JCP sells merchandise and other services at their department stores and through their ever growing website at jcpenney.com. Operating nearly eleven hundred stores in forty nine states, including Puerto Rico, JCP maintains a strong presence in the retail business despite tough economic times. Despite challenging times, JCP has numerous factors going in their

  • Penney 's Five Forces Theory Essay

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    This paper will cover different sections of the J.C. Penney Corporation. This paper will also discuss Michael Porter’s five forces theory, and what the theory represents. In the discussion of the five forces theory, it will be broken down and explain in the following section how it impacts J.C. Penney. Each force will be explained first, and then how it is relative to the company after. This paper will cover J.C. Penney’s financial reports, as well as what separates J.C. Penney from its competitors

  • JCPenney: America's Retail Destination Essay

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    J.C. Penney’s has the desire to become America’s favorite retail destination for apparel, accessories and home fashion. With approximately 1,108 operating stores throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, they serve half of America’s families every year. They employ nearly 156,000 associates and strive to be number one in customer service. Despite the recent economic downturn, JCP maintained a steady cash flow and has been able to keep their company running strong. J.C. Penney’s started out

  • James Cash Penny and His Department Stores

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    HISTORY : In 1902, James Cash Penney, in partnership with two other associates, opened the Golden Rule Store in Kemmerer, Wyoming. At the time it was uncommon to charge the same price to each and every customer; however, Penney preached the slogan "one price charged to all," regardless of customers' social status. After buying out his partners (in 1907), Mr. Penney opened two more stores. At present, J.C. Penney has more then 1400 department stores in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico, making

  • Case Study : ' The Golden Rule Store '

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    History J.C. Penny started in 1902, the first store was named the “Golden Rule Store” by founder James Cash penny. In 1913 it was incorporated and named J.C. Penny company. It achieved great growth over the years by offering quality products at low prices while having excellent customers service. It offered a variety of products for sales that it became a mass merchandiser then decided to narrow down and become a specialty department. The store achieved great growth from its start until 1995 then

  • J.C. Penney: Creating America's Favorite Store

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    INTRODUCTION: In 2013, this department store has been celebrating being in business for 110 years. It also once lured its customers in with its famous discount pricing strategy and coupons. The retailer is J.C. Penney, a fixture at shopping malls across the country. In 2012, J.C. Penney rebranded itself by making the announcement that it wanted to become America 's favorite store by creating a specialty department store experience (JCP, 2013). Founder James Cash Penney began the company with

  • What Organizations, Ideologies, and Leaders Did Africans Create and Engage in the 20th Century to Promote and Advance Their Liberation?

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    What organizations, ideologies, and leaders did Africans create and engage in the 20th century to promote and advance their liberation? [Abstract] The 20th century composed of many organizations ideologies and leaders helping to promote and advance liberation both in America and worldwide. These different entities worked to defy the social structure filled with aspects of conservatism and oppression and rather upheld the Africana sense of governance and encouraged socialism in terms of a more

  • The Effects Of Internet On Today 's Youth

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    With many new phenomena’s playing such a big part on today and future societies no other influence has been bigger than the Internet. The Internet, a mechanism for information dissemination and a place for interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for geographic location, has opened and closed doors to opportunity. Some consider the Internet to be the greatest innovation of our generation, some not so much. The best way to analyze the effects the Internet has had, is to look

  • The Internet : The Beginning Of The Internet

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    The beginnings of the Internet The Internet is and always will be the most revolutionary thing of our time. The internet is literally is, going, and will be the most important thing in our entire existence. It alone has made communication much easier and faster world wide. With it's invention, it made telegraphs, telephones, radios seem out of date. But in the Internets early developments it was kept a secret. The internet would not be possible without computers which developed in the 1950s.