Salah Abu Seif

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  • The Road Poem

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    Two miles closer to the river, birds begin their flight back to their nest. The chilling breeze begins to die down, and the crickets start to chirp. An abandoned sail boat is tied around a tree. The ground is saturated from the winter storms, and mud stains appear among the trees. The sunlight can barely be seen through the canopy. Deep in the swamp, a loud “thwack” is heard echoing off of the cypress trees. Two young men, Daniel Glaze and Jim Puckett, have been boar hunting all evening. The duo

  • Boxing : Personal Narrative

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    Since I was a kid I have always wanted to box and when I got older my parents finally let me box. They thought that I was going to be irresponsible and cause problems but then the summer going into ninth grade my father let me start boxing. I started off learning the basics simple combinations and how to move my feet the right way. I loved boxing at first then I grew to hate it as it got more difficult for me. My father wanted me to stay in boxing so I could learn to defend myself, but I didn’t care

  • 1940's 2003 Film Analysis

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    While the first film projection took place in Iraq in 1909, it was not really seen the film a cultural activity or hobby until the 1920s. The role of the first film, such as the famous film Zora in Baghdad's bustling Rasheed street, I played mostly silent movies of American citizens to the British. In the 1940s under the rule of King Faisal II of Iraq, the true Iraqi cinema began. With support from the British and French financiers, it has established themselves as the film production company in