San Francisco Municipal Railway

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  • The Importance Of Car Ownership

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    Though, the EIR does not provide a number for Car ownership rate, they do provide an approximation of the mode share at a.m. and p.m. peak hours; the data further reinforce the idea that the Plan Area must have a high rate of car ownership. In the Table IV.D-3, the mode share is illustrated as, “Person trips with auto, transit, and others[non-motorized modes such as walking and bicycling] on a weekday basis.” Under the existing condition plus plan, auto has about, “39.6% out of 21,240 persons during

  • Electric Streetcar Timeline

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    Timeline San Francisco and San Mateo Electric Railway 1892-1902 Geary Street, Park & Ocean Railway 1878-1912 United Railroads 1901-1912 Market Street Railway Company 1918-1944 San Francisco Municipal Railway (Muni) 1912-present New electric streetcar technology proved cheaper to build and operate than the cable car, and capable of climbing all but San Francisco's steepest hills The San Francisco and San Mateo Electric Railway, the first electrically powered streetcar system in San Francisco

  • The Market Street Railway And San Francisco

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    The Market Street Railway, Sutter Street Railroad, and the San Francisco & San Mateo Railway merged in 1902 to become the United Railroads of San Francisco (URR). The URR was created by the aggressive capitalist consolidator and modernizer named Patrick Calhoun. An early project was to make uniform the rolling stock and track gauges, which led to the abandonment of the last four miles of horsecars that had been the backbone of transportation just a generation earlier. By this stage, the company

  • City Hall Essay

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    thought the public hearing in the United States may be similar, or a bit better. It turns out that, first time in my life, I saw how people were engaging into the planning of their neighborhood, and witnessed the spark between stakeholders in the San Francisco City Hall. The level of public participation in the two and a half hour amused me. My classmate, Iyan, and I went to the

  • Development Of Urban Water Supply

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    waterfalls plummeting spectacularly over granite cliffs, Hetch Hetchy Valley was not only a place of beauty but a target for the development of urban water supply. The Hetch Hetchy Water Project, an undertaking designed to deliver water to the San Francisco Bay Area using a unique gravity fed transmission system of elaborate tunnels above and through the ground, would ultimately become the biggest influence on the valley’s history, natural environment, and the area’s local economic development.

  • Essay about Cleaner Alternative Transportation

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    When people think pollution, most think straight to automobiles producing harmful emissions which contribute to global warming or climate change. Well, this is true. Motor vehicles account for about half of the toxic air pollutant emissions in the United States. A large part of these toxic air pollutants is the need to rely on oil as a fuel source. The fact that oil is still the main source of energy for things like automobiles, when there are other alternatives like electric vehicles, creates many

  • Industrialization During The Civil War

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    agricultural positions to industrial ones. Finally, it urbanized American society, so that we could eventually become a super power of a nation. Major aspects of industrialization during 1865 and 1920 that influenced U.S. society, economy, and politics: • Railway: The building of the railroads spurred western settlement. One of the examples of this is; In 1862 Congress authorized construction of two railroads to link the Midwest and the West Coast. The Union Pacific Railroad extended westward from Nebraska;

  • Introduction Of Industrial Revolution And The War Of 1812

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    Introduction of Industrial Revolution in United States: The Industrial Revolution resulted in a shift from agriculture to industrial factories. In the United States, there were two phases of the Industrial Revolution. The first revolution, which happened between 1776 and 1789, was somewhat similar to Britain 's Industrial Revolution and more political. The second phase of the American Industrial Revolution which happened from 1860 to 1900, was not only political but also was the great development

  • The Emergence Of Urban America

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    Growing middle class retreated to suburbs. Urban growth usually became a sprawl . Use of railways, cable cars, trolleys helped transform social character. Before, people of all classes lived and worked together in the central city. Emergence of suburbs segregated people according to economic standing. Poorer districts had more crime. The Allure

  • Reducing Traffic in Mumbai Local

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