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  • Essay about The Schistosomiasis Parasite in Contaminated Water

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    The Schistosomiasis Parasite in Contaminated Water Ever wonder what kind of parasites are in your water, or how they can enter in to your body to make you very sick? Well it is most definite that no on want to get sick. The information found in this paper was collected over the past month, either by going to the library or by accessing information off the Internet at home, almost every night. The point that will be given to you is a little in information about the infectious disease called

  • How Schistosomiasis Is A Parasitic Disease Caused By Trematode Flatworms

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    Schistosomiasis is a parasitic disease caused by trematode flatworms. This parasitic infection endemic mostly impact impoverished nations that do not have clean running water. Schistosomiasis is commonly found in 76 countries around the world. In under developed countries of Africa Schistosomiasis, is second only to malaria as a cause of morbidity. Schistosomiasis affects approximately 240 million people globally (Hotez, 2013). The main areas affected are the regions near the equator, parts of the

  • A Report On The Disease

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    could lead to a persistent Th2-type immune response (Hellemond et al., 2013).Thus, if Schistosomiasis predisposes the development of eumycetoma, efforts to eradicate Schistosoma in a population could also lower the number of eumycetoma cases. If this is the case, then intervention strategies could be developed to target both Schistosoma and eumycetoma in a population. Hypothesis The primary association examined in this study is the relationship between a Th2-type immune response and the susceptibility

  • Research Study on the Interaction Among Platelets and Lymphocyte Function in Patients with Liver Disease

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    Subjects The study subject was divided into 4 groups. Group I: 21 patients with hepatic schistosomiasis (12 male and 9 females). Group II: 18 patients with HCV infection (10 male and 8 females). Group III: 23 patients with concomitant hepatic schistosomiasis and HCV infections (13 male and 10 females). Group IV: 20 healthy individuals as controls (12 male and 8 females). Full history taking including contact with water canal water were collected from the study subject Abdominal ultrasound Ultrasonography

  • Human Exploitation Of Host Immune Responses By Parasites Essay

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    scientist, about 100 years ago commenced the concept of immune evasion (Damian, 1997). The concept of exploitation of host immune responses by parasites has been reinforced by new data on its first known examples, especially the immune dependence of schistosoma egg excretion. The infection caused by the parasite leads to a variety of outcomes that is the removal of parasite or the death of the host. DAMIAN, R.T. (1997) ‘Parasite immune evasion and exploitation: reflections and projections’, Parasitology

  • Biology Study Guide

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    Biology Qs 2 (a) (i) A = HUMAN LIVER (ii) B = HUMAN RED BLOOD CELLS (iii) C = MOSQUITO INTESTINE (iv) D = MOSQUITO SALIVARY GLAND 2 (b) Adult flatworm releases egg: INSIDE HUMAN HOST Egg hatches to become miracidium larva: FREE LIVING IN FRESH WATER Miracidium larva becomes a cercaria larva: INSIDE SNAIL HOST Cercaria larva develops into an adult flatworm: INSIDE HUMAN HOST 2 (c) The plasmodium parasite would be most susceptible to human antibodies between the moment of initial infection

  • Waterborne Illness

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    low appetite, cramps, nauseas, fatigue, bloating, fever, and muscle aches. | | | | Some parasitic infections particularly from metazoans include Schistosomiasis and Dracunculiasis. The former is caused by genus Schistosoma members while the latter is caused by larvae. Schistosoma

  • The, Snail Fever, And Katayama Fever

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    living host to survive. Examples of parasitic organism are viruses, protozoa, and helminthes. They are flatworm or fluke, known as Schistosomes and they cause Schistosomiasis disease. Schistosoma is the spices name and Trematoda is the class that the organism falls under. Helminthes is the group or family of Schistosoma ((Keas, 1999). These organisms are facultative anaerobic, and they have the ability to move around in water and in the host bloodstream. They reproduce sexually and asexually depending

  • Vitamin A Research Paper

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    essential (polyunsaturated) fatty acids. A brief discussion of these nutrients follows. Vitamins and how they affect immunity Vitamin A Insufficient vitamin A has been found to predispose humans and other animals to infectious organisms such as Schistosoma mansoni, Trypanosoma cruzi, Sallmonela typhi,

  • Summary Of Parasite Rex Inside The Bizarre World Of The World

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    Zimmer emphasizes his prologue in two different stories. The first story is about a twelve-year-old boy named Justin who lives in Tambura Sudan infected with a single cell parasite called a trypanosome also known as the sleeping disease. Zimmer explains that the parasite is transmitted by two different hosts the tsetse fly and humans. The infection cycle starts with the tsetse fly drinking human’s blood pouring in Trypanosomes. The trypanosomes then steal oxygen and glucose invading all the organs