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  • Netw 240 Devry Essay

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    ------------------------------------------------- NETW240 Shell Scripting – Class Project Guide Shell Script Project Paper Guidelines Shell Scripting Project Paper Guidelines UNIX system administrators write shell scripts to automate repetitive administrative tasks that would otherwise take up a large portion of their daily work schedule. For example, a shell script can be written to perform the nightly system backup. The script can be scheduled in crontab to execute after hours when the system

  • Seeking A Software Developer Position With Concept Software & Services

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    by solving many of the real time problems through various online sources like ‘’. • Intern experience with Ruby-On-Rails and developed applications using Object Oriented Programming concepts. • Proficient in various programming languages like C, C++, Java, Ruby. • Good Knowledge on Object Oriented Programming, Ruby-On-Rails Development, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery. • Developed applications using various technologies like Java, JSP, Python and SQL. • Experience working with Oracle and

  • Microsoft, Powershell And Batch Files In The Computers

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    Batch Files A batch file is a text file that usually carries out one or more tasks in order; these batch files run like a small computer program. This information is listed out in a simple text format in the window, which is then saved onto the computer and run by clicking on the selected file. Batch files can be used to automate several tasks, which are used by both people in the computer industry or just every day computer use. These files are often used to help load programs, run multiple processes

  • Learning The Java Script Language

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    learn how to program with Javascript. Up to this time, I have only been aware that such a simple scripting language existed. Having nothing better to do aaai have decided to learn. FIRST STEP: I checked out and downloaded some information. If I am not mistaken, javascript allows for more activity within an html file; since I know and understand html learning another language to enhance that should not be difficult. We shall see. I will share all of my frustrations with

  • Animation Stimuli For The Study Of Instructor Gestures

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    System for creating animation stimuli for the study of instructor gestures in education. The system does not require artistic talent or programming expertise. The system provides an animation character that serves as an instructor avatar .The avatar can speak ,write on a nearby white board ,and make pointing ,embodied cognition and charisma gestures .The avatar is controlled with a text script that specify when and what the avatar says and does. Introduction -: Animation

  • Methods Of Learning Algorithms For Groups Based On Their Behavior For A Larger Dataset

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    2.1.3 CLUSTERING: Among the available clustering methods, K-Means algorithm is generally used to divide learners into natural groups based on their behavior for a larger dataset. In the K Means clustering method, the number of clusters, denoted by K is needed to be predefined to apply the technique. This is one of the simplest and the most used unsupervised learning algorithm for clustering. The procedure follows a simple and easy way to classify a given data set through a certain number of clusters

  • 10 Tips For HTML Video And Audio Tips Analysis

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    10 Tips for HTML Video and Audio The technology wave is taking the world to another advanced level. Nowadays, if you are not keen enough, you will be left behind in several aspects unknowingly. People are using videos and high-quality audios to create massive traffic online every day. They generate more than 50% of online traffic. HTML videos and audios are essential for marketers. People who use them reach their customers in the world in a more modern and advanced manner. You can use smartphone

  • Neverwinters Night Toolset: Case Study

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    game, and documentation. To make the best team possible I would make sure each team member had a different skill. For the video game, the skills I would seek would be someone good at designing logic, a visual design person, and a programming or scripting person. For the webpage you need someone with a skill for designing and maintaining webpages. A documenter/scheduler is needed to keep the group on a time line and complete all paperwork. The logic skilled person would be in charge of conversations

  • Using Open Source Server Side Scripting Language Php Essay

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    and software requirements for our product. The technologies we are going to use and the hardware is discussed detail. 3.1 Hardware Requirement 3.1.1 Operating Environment This web application will be developed using Open Source server side scripting language PHP , generally compatible with most of the popular operating environments like Windows and Linux as they support the functionality of hosting connections with both actual and virtual servers (i.e. Local Hosts).so we use Microsoft Windows Operating

  • Modern Advancements to Website Development Essay

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    We live in a rapidly evolving world where technology has made a major impact on our lives today, especially the technology of the Internet. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript has changed the way we’ve looked at websites over time and still continues to evolve. According to (, 2014, HTML was first introduced in 1999 by WHATWG or Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group and was the standard bases for most Internet pages. Since then, the recent installment, HTML5, has replaced all