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  • The Critically Acclaimed Muscle Shoals Documentary and Music Lovers

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    (INTRODUCTION) Thanks to the critically acclaimed “Muscle Shoals” documentary, music lovers are finding their way to the small town in northwest Alabama where some of the world’s greatest hits were recorded. This was the very town where, at Rick Hall’s FAME Studios and the rival Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Aretha Franklin found her groove, Paul Simon developed “Kodachrome” and Wilson Pickett cranked up “Mustang Sally.” In the documentary, Mick Jagger, Steve Winwood, Percy Sledge and Etta James

  • Mink Shoals

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    During this semester I was lucky to be placed at Mink Shoals in a fifth grade class. I taught a total of five lessons. For my assessment chart I choose to show the progress that my students made on the math lesson. They took a pre-test and a post test. I knew that math was a good subject for about half of the class, and half of the class struggled. I knew this was going to be difficult to teach. Before I taught my lesson I did a lot of planning, but before I planned I worked with students every day

  • Animals Of Coastal Landscapes : The Spiny Porcupine Fish

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    Animals in coastal landscapes. The Spiny Porcupine fish lives in the Coral Reef at the depth of one-two hundred metres. The length that it grows is 20 to 50 cm. The Spiny Porcupine fish gets pregnant for 9 months just like humans and its hatching period is 4 days. The food that it eats is Sea Urchins, Hermit Crabs and Snails. The life span of the animal is 5 – 7 years. When the fish feels threatened, it will expand its stomach with air or water. This fish can also be called Spiny Puffers and Balloon

  • My Life Experience

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    I’ve never thought of myself as a hero. I never will. However, I must admit that what happened one summer day changed my life forever. When people ask me, “What was going through your mind” or, ”How did it feel” I can't give them a simple answer. Saving someone’s life, while putting your own in jeopardy, is an experience, not a story. I remember waking up that morning being greeted by my younger cousin exclaiming, ”We’re going swimming! Please come with us!” Despite already being at the beach, we

  • The Most Famous Guitar Players For Find Success At Fame

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    Jimmy Hughes, Arthur Alexander, Clarence Carter, Joe Tex. He knew about all the records I was cutting and was heavy into black music.” However, at the time, Hall did not need another guitar player. This did not scourge Allman and he stayed in the Shoals, waiting for his chance. When Duane finally did get the chance to play for Rick Hall, he made a lasting first impression “One day we were doing a demo and he had his bottleneck,” says Hall. “To be honest with you, I hadn’t saw many

  • Shoal Lake 40 Research Paper

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    treaties or getting compensation of using their water from shoal lake 40. The Canadian government has carried out against Indigenous people, their land and their water as well. A centaury ago when the demand for water was increasing in Winnipeg city because of growing population , the federal government forcefully captured their reserve land on shoal lake 40 in order to construct aquaduct which is used to carry water extracted from shoal lake into the Winnipeg city. The federal government did not

  • My Last Semester At Mink Shoals

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    semester of observing before student teaching, I was placed at Mink Shoals in a fifth grade class. I was placed with Miss Whitten. She is an amazing teacher who has taught me many valuable lessons. Miss Whitten has been at a variety of schools and classrooms so your management techniques and basic skills were great. I spent about one-hundred hours in her classroom. I got to know her, and all of her students very well. Being at Mink Shoals was the first time I had the opportunity to work with hearing impaired

  • Kennedy Space Center: Environmental Analysis

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    Every year thousands of people come to visit and watch rocket launches, this is a huge tourist attraction and millions of dollars in revenue that would be lost if the launch pads became unusable. Dredging on Offshore Canaveral Shoals Size of Shoals Located six miles east of Cape Canaveral exist, CS-I and CS-II, two borrow areas used for beach nourishment projects. Survey data taken, by 2014 FCCE projects, indicates there are approximately 20 million cubic yards of sand available within

  • Edmund Fitzgerald Research Paper

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    She was the largest ship to sail on the Great Lakes for 13 years until 1971. The Fitzgerald sank on November 10, 1975 in Lake Superior. My theory for her sinking is the Six-Fathom Shoal. Six-Fathom Shoal is a part by Caribou Island that is only 26 feet deep. I think the vessel got too close to the six-fathom shoal and ripped up the bottom

  • Summary Of The Net Imagery In Oresteia

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    net- not a fish could have slipped from the shoal” (69). Involving the shoal in Clytemnestra’s speech explains that with every revenge quest there are innocent people who suffer the repercussions. An avenger does not consider the bystanders surrounding the guilty person. Clytemnestra states that the net was so large that the fish could not escape the shoal. If the fish’s fate is to be caught in the net yet it cannot escape the shoal, that means the shoal suffers the same