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  • Definition Essay: What Are Galaxies?

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    What are Galaxies? You have probably heard about galaxies, whether it was in school, a book, a television show, or movie, you've most likely heard about them. If you're wondering, "what exactly are galaxies?" fret not, friend, for I will help you figure out this question. Let's start with some history. In 5th century, BC, someone named Democritus had the idea that the bright band in the sky(known as the Milky Way) may be composed of stars. In 4th century BC, Aristotle had the similar idea: "the

  • Revolution in Cosmology Resolves Dispute over Universe's Age

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    results they hoped would help answer one of the most contentious issues in astronomy of the 20th century – the question of the distance scale of the universe. But there was some unease when the result was announced. According to the report, other galaxies were close enough that, extrapolating backwards from their current rate of recession and making adjustments for the influence of gravity, they all would have been together (that is, the Big Bang would have occurred) as recently as 8 billion years

  • The Big Bang Theory Essay

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    The Big Bang Theory There have been many theories concerning what the universe looks like, how it became this way, and where it is going. The most popular theory that people hold today is that the universe began when all the matter ever present in the universe was contained in a tiny speck and that spec exploded. This is known as the Big Bang. This theory has developed a great deal since it was first conceptualized and continues to evolve today. Many different scientists have had a hand in this

  • My College Major Will Be Astronomy

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    developments in technology and new ideas were introduced. Courses Required One required science class for astronomy is astrophysics. Astrophysics is a branch of space science that applies the laws of physics to explain the life and death of stars, planets, galaxies, and other objects in the universe. Astrophysics is important to astronomy because it is used to observe life patterns of celestial objects. In the past, the movement of stars and planets was observed, but it could not be explained. Astronomy and

  • Original Creation Of The Earth ( Nebular Hypothesis Vs. Six Day Creation )

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    Introduction: The topic selected for the following comparative essay is, “Original creation of the earth (nebular hypothesis vs. six-day creation).” This essay will discuss the key points and differences found in both of the creation theories. The young-earth six-day creation view will be compared against the secular nebular hypothesis. For introductory purposes the definition of the two theories will be provided as follows: the nebular hypothesis can be defined as, “A great cloud of gas and dust

  • The Big Bang Theory And The Revolution Of A New Generation

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    The Big Bang Theory What exactly is the Big Bang Theory? I know before starting this essay I knew very little of what it consisted. I figured that the Big Bang Theory had something to with the era of a new generation. One in which started after the extinction of dinosaurs to be quite honest. As I learn more about astronomy, this topic struck an interest and technically the big bang theory isn’t something that occurred but rather something that happened. It started the beginning of what we now call

  • Contact Essay

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    general relativity. In the early 1990s, Arecibo was used to detect the first planets outside the solar system. The dish recently received a facelift in a $27-million upgrade which makes it four times more sensitive to radio emissions from distant galaxies. The dish was used in the 1960s to chart accurately for the first time the rate at which the planet Mercury rotates. More recently it studied ice in Mercury's polar craters, the chemistry of Earth's upper atmosphere and rotating pulsars. The new

  • Week 1 Sci 151 Essay

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    solar system? a. The Sun is a fairly ordinary but large star. b. The Sun is the focal point of our solar system, because all of the planets orbit the Sun. 2) What is our Milky Way galaxy and the sun’s position in it? a. The Milky Way galaxy is where our solar system is located in the universe. b. The Milky Way galaxy is home to over 100 billion stars and the Sun is one of those stars. 3) What is the Big Bang and what does it say about the age of the universe? a. The Big Bang is when the

  • Essay on Christian Beliefs in the Origins of the World

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    Christian Beliefs in the Origins of the World “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” A Description of Christian Beliefs About the Origins of The World Christians believe that God created the universe. In Chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis, we are told that God creates both the universe and everything that is in it. Thomas

  • Essay on Biography of Astronomer, Vera Cooper Rubin

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    looking for “sideways” motion of galaxies. She finally got her Ph.D. from Georgetown University in 1954. Her doctoral