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  • Sonic Drive Tot

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    OVERVIEW: Sonic Drive-In is an American quick service restaurant brand, established in 1953. The popular fast-food restaurant has 3,552 locations in 45 states, and is headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (All Sonic Drive-In Locations). They are the largest drive-in restaurant in the country; their menu boasts over a million flavor combinations between their slushies and fountain drinks, and an extensive range of fast food options such as fully-loaded burgers, over the top hot dogs, and various

  • Case Study On Sonic Drive

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    Franchising Sonic Drive-In Restaurants What is a Franchise: A franchisee pays an initial fee and a percentage of profit to a franchisor; in return, the franchisee gains the use of a trademark, ongoing support from the franchisor, and the right to use the franchisor's system of doing business and sell its products or services. Why I chose this restaurant: I have chosen sonic drive in because this restaurant is in the USA and is very well known for its’ fast food chains and roller skate competitions

  • The Public Company Sonic Drive Corporation

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    The public company Sonic Drive Corporation was my choice of analysis because of being familiar with the field of work. Sonic Corporation, also known as Sonic Drive-In, is a fast-food restaurant chain that originated in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As of 2015, Sonic has 3,526 drive-ins across 44 states. The total amount of drive-ins includes company and franchise owned. Sonic has operated since the 1950’s and is known for its carhops delivering food to cars on roller skates (Shine). The restaurant’s menu

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    1953, Sonic has become the largest drive-in chain in the nation. Sonic was founded by Troy Smith, Jr. in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His dream was to own his own business. Sonic Drive-In keeps the 1950s alive through its chain of drive-in restaurants, each complete with speaker-based ordering systems and carhop servers - some on roller skates. Sonics top competitors are McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s. McDonald’s is the leading competitor in the fast-food industry.

  • Could Napoleon Dynamite Have Asperger's

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    It was hard for me to watch this movie and separate Napoleon’s behaviors from his friends and family members. Many of the things he does and says are like those of the people around him. His overall weirdness was not behavior that I immediately would have identified as Asperger’s, rather someone who is simply a little odd. However, as I continued to watch the movie I was able to find certain examples that could be red flags for Asperger’s. From the very beginning of the movie, it seemed like Napoleon

  • Narrative Essay On Roaring Dollars

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    Ever heard of a relaxing time with your loved ones? This year, specifically June 17th, 2017, I went to Boise, ID for my Cousin's Thirteenth Birthday. We went to Roaring Springs (On June 18th) which was like the Dollarama version of Hurricane Harbor in Six Flags, where we celebrated his birthday. There were about fourteen or fifteen of us, me, my Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt's, Uncle's, Cousin's, and a few friends. We were all very anxious about what's to come and how we're going to handle an

  • Explain Why Sonic Drive In Is A Fast Food Restaurant

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    Sonic Review Sonic drive in is a fast food restaurant with a variety of menu options. It consists of a drive thru, and a variety of drive in stalls it has the option of calling in, to place an order. During summer and spring it's open from 7am to 12am and during winter and fall it is open from 7am to 11pm.. Anybody can eat at Sonic if you are hungry for some fast food. Sonic originated in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and was ranked 10th in the QSR Magazine ranking the top 50 quick service and fast

  • Bus/210 Week 8 Assignment Developing Good Business Sense Essay

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    Sense There are three fast food restaurants that I chose as the businesses for this assignment; Sonic Drive-In, McDonalds, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. All three of these businesses are fast food restaurants. Sonic Drive-In is a curb side restaurant in which car hops bring the customer’s order to their car. McDonald and Kentucky Fried Chicken are both dine-in sit down restaurants that also offer a drive-thru window in car service. The three businesses have similar operations involved in their inputs

  • Sonic Case Study

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    Summary Beginning with one restaurant, Sonic has become the largest drive-in chain in the United States. While they are smaller than their competitors, they are still leading in sales growth, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. Sonic restaurants saturate the southern U.S. This gives them the opportunity to expand to other area. However, Sonic is reluctant due to the colder climates and their basis as a drive-in restaurant. Sonic should look at adding or combining capabilities

  • Chevy Sonic Research Papers

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    The Chevy Sonic is the kind of hatchback that catches the eye and is a lot of fun to drive. If you are looking to by an economical and efficient vehicle for the lowest price, than the 2016 Chevrolet Sonic for Sale near Mankato is exactly what you are looking for. With a sporty hatchback or sedan body, fun exterior colors and more standard options than you would predict, this fun-loving small car is great for everyday driving or for those who ride as passengers. Each of the body styles is quite