Spiral Jetty

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  • In today’s society, much of the resistance for finding ecological solutions comes from those who

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    At times, the jetty is partially or completely submerged, which makes its constantly changing nature even more apparent. Land Artist Michael Heizer’s work plays with the entropic as well. His project, Double Negative [see Figure 2.5] consists of an enormous tract carved into the earth. With no framework or scaffolding to hold its shape, the piece is left open to the effects of erosion. In both Spiral Jetty and Double Negative, the entropic nature of the pieces

  • Robert Smithson Essay

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    focuses was on the decay of natural life.3 In the late 1960s Smithson started to create his earthworks. He started by making them as ‘landmarkers’ like a map using mostly natural materials. He started making his most commonly known piece, the Spiral Jetty, in 1970 off of Utah’s Great Salt Lake.1 It was the start to his large scale earthwork. He was inspired by an Indian monument he saw in Ohio, the Great Serpent Mound. This was a turning point for him; he was able to finally achieve his goal of

  • Land Art History

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    Smithson’s work Broken Circle & Spiral Hill is two different works situated near each other. It is actually not in America but was commissioned for an exhibition in the Netherlands near Emmen. Spiral Hill is an earth mound that coils clockwise unto itself, like a sleeping snake. When it was completed it was just shaped earth but in current day it is covered in green

  • Of Vincent Lamouroux's Essay 'Notes On Site Specificity'

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    The stark white remains of the Sunset Pacific Motel upsets the urban environment surrounding the strip of Sunset Boulevard in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. French artist Vincent Lamouroux coats an abandoned motel, the billboard that rests above it, the wire fence encompassing it, and the palm trees surrounding it with a temporary layer of opaque lime wash. He names the piece Projection. The motel now stands like a ghost, gleaming in white with its community’s history eternalized beneath

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    “Daddy, daddy, throw me in again!” I called to my dad as I doggy-paddled towards him in the water. “Okay, but just one more time Cruz. Then daddy needs a rest.” He look at me with so much love in his eyes. He lifted me up under my armpits and picked me up high. “Ready?” He asked. “Yes! Yes!” I giggled, looking down at him. He dipped me down a little before lifting me all the way up and tossing me sideways into the waves. I laughed as my head reemerged from the water and kept laughing

  • Mother Teres Repression Of A Free Spirit And Live As A Visionary

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    interconnected organism in the flow of life. Consequently, one 5 can represent the rebel as it does so with Jungarian archetypes. What if a person had more than one five within their own being? What if the person had multiple 5 's that turn into a spiral of energy? Firstly, we have to see the 5 Pentad is a Sacred Geometrical pattern that exists to create order round this energy. The 5

  • Types Of Conflict Spiral And Avoidance Spiral

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    “escalatory spiral” (Hocker & Wilmot 29) and “avoidance spiral” (Hocker & Wilmot 32). These spirals are made up of not only speech but physical actions that mean to damage another or seek to lessen the relationship between themselves. It is important to recognize what type of conflict spiral is happening so you may view the situation clearly and see what the next step is to possibly fix this problem before it escalates past the point of repair. Recognizing that you are in an escalatory spiral is simple

  • Alchemist Workshop Poem

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    the circle has been seen the next what comes in view is a helix spiral line in the middle of the painting. More primal than being spiral in shape is the given that the line separates the circle into two parts. Such a separated circle symbolizes in esotericism . A circle stands for unity and when that unity is divided duality is symbolized. And the most primal duality presented in esotericism is that of spirit and matter. The spiral staircase that divides the room, the old man in front of a window

  • ##bol Symbols : The Concept Of Eternal Return By Carl Jung

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    Spiral Symbol Amplification Paper Carl Jung thought that the form of a spiral represented the idea of “eternal return” in the pattern of human thought and insisted that the archetypal symbol represented the cosmic force (Bobroff, p. 27). Various ancient cultures viewed the spiral as a symbol for journey, growth, and evolution. From timeless edifices to contemporary architecture, one can observe the spiral form in building structures; such as staircases, domes, and spires. One doesn’t have to

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ink And Dielectrics

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    nano-silver ink against Rogers copper foil structures. T.H Liu (2012) presented a spiral antenna that was backed on photonic band-gap material. This exhibits a larger front-to-back radiation level ratio, a broader frequency bandwidth, and higher gain than a traditional spiral antenna. J.Bell and M.Iskander (2004) presented the implementation of electromagnetic band-gap structures with an inherently wide-band Archimedean spiral antenna. The EBG structure was designed to emulate a perfect magnetic conductor