Stoke City F.C.

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  • Paul 's Theory Of Paul

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    As long as Paul could remember he had his giant glasses on and was told he couldn’t see without them. But even though Paul can see fine without them. Paul, unfortunately, deals with this on a day to day basis. We discover who Paul is and how significant events changed him. Paul also experiences switching schools. We see how Paul sees the world and his perspective on certain events. In the beginning of “Tangerine,” Paul and his family move houses from Houston, Texas to Tangerine County, Florida

  • Sports Franchise Simulation : First Half Reflections

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    Sport Franchise Simulation – First Half Reflections Introduction For four seasons now, Swansea City has enjoyed a foray into professional sports leagues as part of a sports franchise simulation. Competing in division three of the National Sports League, Swansea has been challenged to develop a business strategy that optimises profits despite their unique, franchise-specific limitations in revenue earning capability. Franchise management has been astonished to learn the extent to which these revenue

  • The Uk And Its Economy

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    Manchester City Football Club, and discussing what are the main merits and demerits for one of the most globally-oriented football clubs as a result of

  • Jose Mourinho: Role As A Leader

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    shown his characteristic as a leader during their progress towards the Premier League title and has taken a significant step towards being crowned champions with victory over Stroke. During the progress, Mourinho’s team was struggling when Manchester City having just 7 points with second place, one less than Chelsea, which means Chelsea need just 15 points from their last eight matches to lift the trophy for the very first time since 2010. However, this made Mourinho’s team have been less convincing

  • Football : The Physical Aspects Of Football

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    Looking at football from a perspective other than just the physical aspect of the game is such an interesting topic because you can truly begin to see how the game has changed socially and economically. The rules itself have stayed the same for many years, but the social aspect of the game has changed dramatically. As I will talk about, in my opinion, there are fewer fans that have a true connection with their club which relates to both of this weeks readings: Supporters, Followers, Fans and Fever

  • Cardiff City Stadium And Wales

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    Introduction Cardiff city stadium is a football stadium in area called leckwith in Wales, Cardiff also it belongs for the football team and Wales national football team. Cardiff city stadium is the second biggest stadium in Wales and that’s after they added the Ninian stand. Malaysian billionaire owns the stadium and recently the owner invested so money on the stadium to extend it because when Cardiff city football club moved up to the premier league the number of people was increasing and when