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  • Childhood Summer Memories

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    being a child and it was one of the best moment I could think of my childhood that happened in the summer, where good time start it and not too far off that it sound it like that we played in the water and we figured since it is a bit hot outside i was going to six flags and having some fun with our family and friend having an enjoyable time. Few things I would say about my childhood was also the summer time, when the sun was hitting my body my mom used to worry about me a lot so I would not get dark

  • My Summer Memories Involve Me At Camp

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    All of my summer memories involve me at camp. From third grade on, I have spent my summers growing up among the pecan trees and feeding on Blue Bell ice cream. I had always done the same activities each year; swimming, riflery, arts and crafts, aerobics and fishing. But that all changed when I went to a different session. I was now thrown into a mix of new girls with new ideas. When the time came to choose activities, I looked to one of the girls in my cabin for advice. We had only met that day but

  • My Best Friend

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    I have this friend of mine that has turned into my sister and she is amazing. So this friend, her name is Hannah Byce and we met in seventh grade and I know it's cliche, but we just clicked we got along and had so much in common. Here we are in tenth grade and still going strong, but we've definitely had some bumps along the way but they've only made us stronger. When we started getting closer we began doing everything together and we still do. We both moved each other into our new houses. We have

  • Why Should Kids Get Summer Break

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    Should Your Child Get A Summer Break? Do you think kids should have summer break? Summer break gives families more time to make memories, it releases stress off of the students and teachers, it also gives more time for events to be made. Summer break can help out on a lot. No kids would want to stay in a hot classroom all year round when they could be outside enjoying the summer days. The first reason why kids should have summer break is because summers are made for making memories. According to Gary

  • American Literature Since The Civil War

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    as the American tradition of summer vacation, the commonly experienced mid-life crisis, anxiety about change, and fear of one’s own mortality. E.B. White’s “Once More to the Lake” is a memorable piece of American literature that continues to be relatable today because of its emphasis on growing old and facing one’s own mortality, as told through an American lens. The essay takes place during summer vacation in the early 20th century. The speaker has fond memories of summertime when his father

  • Lacrosse : My Goal In My Life

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    makes me so happy. I have so many accomplishments from starting Lacrosse that I am so grateful for. Lacrosse has made an impact on not just my life, but also my families. Throughout the years of playing lacrosse I have developed skills, friends, and memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The reason why I started playing lacrosse was because of my sister, Hope and my mom. My sister played and my mom coached her. Hope is now playing for the Trojans at the University of Southern California. I hope

  • Reflection Paper

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    leave behind my strenuous summer job with a heavy heart, wondering if I would ever see my kids ever again. If you have ever worked with young children, you know how exceptionally hard it is to be the perfect balance of fun and energetic, yet responsible and poised. Even though I was a camp counselor for three years, each summer felt like the first. This past summer was just as exhausting as any other year, but it was more momentous in more ways than one. Going into the summer, I knew that it would be

  • My First Day Of School

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    “Lub dub lub dub lub dub” That was the sound of my heart pounding out of my chest at 8 O’clock in the morning of September 6th. This was not just another Orthodox day. This unholy day signified the end of summer and the beginning of students despondency: School. I laid my right hand firmly on my chest, in efforts of stopping my alarming heart beat from waking up my cousin that was gracefully sleeping just 7 foot away. I tried in vain to imagine jubilant experiences at American Public schools, which

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    the floor watching TV, Sam tossed his only baseball all summer long. Sam the Pro, was always organizing a baseball game down at the church lot, the furthest distance the two youngest were allowed to go from their backyard. He was always the captain, always the pitcher and always the home run hitter. The room vibrated with his chatter as he recited the stats from his baseball cards and which ones he needed to complete a whole team. Long summer days filled with play. Hah, one can still hear his spooky

  • That Summer Book Report

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    Diving into Change The fictional novel entitled That Summer was written by author, Sarah Dessen. It was published in 1996 as her first book to be sold. Dessen states, “It was actually the third one I wrote, after a terrible book I did in college and one that was marginally better the year after. I never intended That Summer to be a YA (young adult) book while I was writing it” (Sarah Dessen, n. d.). She then goes on to state how her publisher believed it would be a good book for teenagers, so, she