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  • The Music Of Music Videos

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    Music videos have become very prominent since the 1970s, and one music video that really intrigues me is Norwegian rock band A-ha’s “Take on Me”. Released in 1985, “Take on Me” was a huge hit for A-ha, although the band failed to create future songs with similar popularity. Even though the band was only relevant for a short period of time, their song is generally considered to be one of the biggest hits of the 1980s. The genre of the song was new wave, which was popular at the time, and the instrumentation

  • Take Care Of Me?

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    “Yeah, she worries about me, that’s all.” Kara answered. Alex scoffed, “I don’t know why she is worried. We would never let harm come your way. We’ll get you home to Lucy in one piece.” Kara laughed, “I’m sure she would appreciate that.” “You are in good hands with us. We will never do anything that would put you in harm’s way. You’re safe and we will take care of you.” Maggie chimed in. Kara raised an eyebrow, “Take care of me how? I’m seventeen, not twelve. I can handle myself.” “You are still

  • Take Me Take My Name Analysis

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    In today’s society it has become a norm to use the males surname for the new family, when married the women and their kids usually use the husband or fathers surname but in the article “Take Me, Take My Name?” it is said that the choice between male and female surname is actually equal, however the preference is not. This is because in the past sexes were seen unequal and with superiority. Men have natural masculine flaws such as pride, territorialism, and sometimes even jealousy or possessiveness

  • Take Me To Church Analysis

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    6. Fight Song: Take Me To Church- Hozier I chose this song because in my point of view this is a fight song. Take me to church is a song about the perception of the church, or any powerful institution such as government, about intimacy and sexuality, whatever the orientation. However the song focused in the people with relationships with the same gender. I feel connected with the song because I have a sister who is lesbian, and sometimes I see how bad are treated on social media just because of their

  • Take Me Out Critique

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    am going to discussed Take Me Out by Richard Greenberg, directed by Andrew Paul and the aspects of it. The play was about a baseball team, however, it addresses the social issues in modern American life such as racial and sexual identity1. In this play, it uses baseball to describe the beauty of democracy. What I am going to discuss on this critique is the set designs, the level of participation, lighting, and the theme of the play. When I entered into the theatre to take a seat, I noticed the

  • Take Me Away Please Analysis

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    surroundings leave hallucinogenic trails“ 2) Imagery-“the light quality in the canyon bursts into the beige contrast” Personification-“Slowly I become aware of the cold stare oy my knife in my backpack” Onomatopoeia-“the soft thock-thock-thock tells me I have reached the end of this experiment” 3) The author wants us to respond to his experience

  • Descriptive Essay : ' Calgon, Take Me Away ! '

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    “Calgon, take me away!” When I think of an amazing vacation, I have the imagery of a tropical paradise with the waves crashing on the beach and the sound of the wind rustling in the palm trees. That is close to the imagery the Calgon commercial portrayed. Maybe, I am biased to beach vacations because of the commercial. At any rate, I think an ideal vacation would be either a cruise vacation to a tropical locale or an all-inclusive resort vacation on an island. Both offer the sun, the sea, and lots

  • What Gives People Me Take A Selfie?

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    But First, Let Me Take a Selfie A lot of people from the average citizen to Barack Obama, the President of the United States, take selfies. A selfie is basically a picture of yourself, a self-portrait that is usually shared on any social networking site. By just switching to front camera with just a tap, anyone is able to take a selfie. It is a popular trend and is a part of our modern day culture that a lot of us engage without a second thought, as if it is as much as who we are or as the clothes

  • Does It Take Me Being White To Be Beautiful?

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    Does It Take Me Being White to be Beautiful? On social media today, they constantly throw around the idea of “beauty” as something we should aspire to be. They claim that we should look a certain way to be considered beautiful. You need to be “thick,” be ”white or light skin”, have“long hair” to be considered beautiful. But what really is the definition of beautiful? Who is able to say what and who is beautiful or not? According to heart of leadership website, “More than 90 percent of girls

  • Summary Of Palean's Narrative Fiction

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    Palean winced. She had never seen anything so gruesome in her life. Another crack as the whip smacked down on Aspren’s backside, leaving her skin dangling in strips. Aspren cried out with pain and sorrow as the crowd roared, hungry for more. To Palean’s surprise she noticed some girls cheering along with the boys. Flylince sobbed beside her, and Palean recalled how she had warned Aspren not to steal the food. Aspren was Flylince’s sister. And here she was being forced to watch her own sister get