Tallahassee Police Department

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  • Reflection Of My Life Essay

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    become my boyfriend. I knew he was infatuated with me, so I lead him on. He ended up stalking me and making several death threats. I never understood the phrase “in fear of your life”, until then. Tallahassee Police Department (TPD) got involved but there wasn’t much they could do except file a police report and wait. This was a very frightening time in my life and consequently I became very disconnected with life. I never provided TPD with my stalker’s name, in fear that he would kill me if I did

  • Mumia Abu Jamal Essay

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    stayed in North Philly for this dumb shit!'" (Wideman 55) Mumia's spell in the Black Panthers, as did his work as a journalist, mainly radio, as the 'voice of the voiceless', brought him to the attention of the FBI and the local Philadelphia Police. At one point the FBI tried to frame him for a murder. It was only his work record that enabled him to walk free. The FBI began amassing a 600-page file on Mumia Abu-Jamal when he was a 15-year-old high school activist. The FBI added his name

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Violence

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    An unarmed Australian woman in her pyjamas was tragically shot late Saturday night by a Minneapolis police officer who had only been on the force for 2 years. Justine Ruszczyk’s mistake was greeting police as you or I would in Australia, after she had reported what sounded like a woman being sexually assaulted in the alley behind her home in Minneapolis late Saturday night. The 40-year-old outgoing yoga teacher and faith healer living in Minneapolis with her fiancé and his son, leaned into the

  • Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr.

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    by suggesting that black people do not have the right to be outraged about police violence in vulnerable black communities. The BLM movement acknowledges the crime problem but refuses to locate that the crime problem is a problem of black pathology. Black people are inherently more violent or be involved in more crime than other groups. But black people are more disproportionately poorer, more likely to be targeted by police and arrested, and more likely to attend poorer or failing schools (“11 Major

  • Police Brutality Essay

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    Police Brutality: From Their Side     Lately, there has been a lot news on police brutality. All the citizens hear about is the person that is supposedly the victim. Yet, till this day, I still have not heard the side from the police force. Media gets out faster than the facts. Media is no longer based on facts, but based off of opinions of others. We assume because a few police officers are corrupt, that all of them are. Most of them aren’t terrible. Their human just like we are. Some assume the

  • Police Contaliality : The Problem Of Police Brutality

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    Police Brutality needs to be addressed because sometimes police use too much force on suspects when there is no reason too. Most police brutality goes unreported due to suspects being afraid to speak up. Most police misconduct is making untrue statements and filing untrue reports. Some police think that citizens should always defer to them and their authority. Most suspects believe that they do not need to do what is asked of a police officer and that leads to police misconduct. Younger officers

  • Essay On The Alien Huntress

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    Times bestselling author. She writes the world of the Alien Huntress as a tantalizing and dark place where supernatural powers and human coexistence with otherworldly creatures is the norm. The lead protagonist in the series is Mia Snow a Chicago PD police officer that catches aliens. Gena Showalter made her name for penning over thirty contemporary and paranormal romances as well as her young adult romances. Some of her series of novels include Intertwined, Alien Huntress, Lords of the Underworld,

  • Essay On Assault On First Responders

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    workers is 0.6 cases per 100 workers a year; the national average is about 1.8 per 10,000 workers. The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) found 4/5 medics have experienced some form of injury as a result of the job. The U.S. Department of Labor reported that about 52 percent of EMTs operating in the field have been assaulted. There are several theories as to why people attack first responders. One theory is

  • Examples Of Police Militarization

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    increase in militarization of police forces. The term police militarization often brings with it a stigma on the social aspect which revolves around brutality and a lack of rights. One must ask first what is defined as police militarization. Police militarization or to militarize is defined as “Give (something, especially an organization) a military character or style.” This means that police militarization in essence is the conversion from the beat cop into a police force that is organized and managed

  • Sandra Bland Essay

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    Police abuse has remained one of the most serious human rights violation in the United States. It is the use of excessive and unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. The past decade has introduced us to a new wave of police brutality. With technology and media emerging, the people become more aware every day about inhumane behavior against innocent citizens. With the proper research, the opportunity to seek reasoning behind police brutality can lead to a cogent effort to end or