Police Brutality Essay

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Police Brutality: From Their Side Lately, there has been a lot news on police brutality. All the citizens hear about is the person that is supposedly the victim. Yet, till this day, I still have not heard the side from the police force. Media gets out faster than the facts. Media is no longer based on facts, but based off of opinions of others. We assume because a few police officers are corrupt, that all of them are. Most of them aren’t terrible. Their human just like we are. Some assume the people that are assaulted, because they just feel like it. There has to be a reason why that police officer attacked a certain someone. Police officers tend to see what we don’t see regularly. Most seem to sense danger and how things are …show more content…

In my opinion, people just research what people do, and who they are. Society should learn what police officers do everyday on the force. They should walk a few steps in their shoes, and see how it feels. The bad cops do the wrong thing and it’s the good cops that take the repercussions. If you interviewed a normal police officer, and spend the whole day with them, then you would see the pressure of being on the force takes. Every profession has its bad seeds. For example doctors who kill their patient so they can sell their organs on the black market for more money. Or politicians, they are supposed to represent our country but we still had some bad politicians and dirty scandals. There are many more professions that have people who do bad things, but we don’t hear about unless a minority starts speaking about it. It shouldn’t matter who you are, people should listen to what you have to say when you are in need. Media has blown many things out of proportion and now everyone believes what is said, because it was on television. There are millions of police officers in this country, but we judge them because of the hundred that are bad. Society needs to learn that they need to research before they take an opinion on it. Sure the videos that the media shows show a cop taking a kid down, but do they tell us why. No, all they say is look at this terrible officer taking a kid down. People need to realize that

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