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  • Teen Film : Are Teen Movies Appealing To Their Audience

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    Teen Film is a film genre, the targeted audience of teen film is teenagers and young adults. The setting of this genre is often set in high schools and colleges. Main themes in teen film include love, rebellion, peer pressure, conflict with parents and friends or alienation etc. This essay will discuss why teen films are so appealing to their audience. Adolescents in order to obtain peer recognition, eager to independence, strong rebellion, the establishment of self-image, teens can self-identification though

  • Generic Conventions of Teen Movies in the 1955 Film Rebel Without a Cause

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    Conventions of Teen Movies in the 1955 Film Rebel Without a Cause 'Rebel without a cause' was the first ever film to be targeted at the newly established Teenage audience and caused the creation 'Teen Movie' genre because of its incredible success. The creators of Rebel without a cause saw that there was enormous potential for the teen audience as they had never been targeted before and they had money to spend on entertainment as they had no outgoings at all. The film starred

  • The Cyclical Teen Musical Film

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    The Cyclical Teen Musical Film Considered by Jane Feuer to be “the only form of musical that retains widespread popularity” (123), the teen musical film is a cyclical sub-genre of the musical film that keeps coming back again and again since the 1960s, proving that it is a sub-genre here to stay. And since this is a cyclical sub-genre, its historical development is also cyclical in matter: it develops slightly throughout the cycle, as per many other film genres, but always seems to return back to

  • Teen Identity

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    The teen film genre aims to shatter the construct or provide moments of self-discovery to symbolize how teens react against the adult world and struggles within society. At the end of the film the high school a voiceover of Brian reading out a letter written by him to Mr Vernon, the teacher, effectively embodies the teen process of finding their identity: You see us as you want to see us -- in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions: a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess,

  • Cultural Significance Of Teen Films

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    Teen films are the definitive genre that captures the adolescent zeitgeist during the 1980s, and its popularity still hold cultural relevance in the present day. The teen films produced during the 1980s effectively represent youth concerns and the coming-of-age narrative, in terms of adolescent identity, the different roles characters play, sexuality, gender, relationships, class issues and the generational divide. Exploring these issues is essential for recognizing the cultural significance of this

  • Film Review : Teen Scene

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    many excellent and tragic moments in our young lives. On December 21, 2007, Abby, my brother Jon, and I launched our web series “Pre-Teen-Scene.” The idea of creating a web show occurred after Abby suggested, “We should do a show online just like ICarly!” Not realizing what we were getting ourselves into, I happily agreed to the idea. We thought convincing Jon to film would be tougher than nails on a chalkboard. To our surprise, he quickly accepted. We originally

  • High School Confidential : Notes On Teen Movies

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    While high school in reality is full of surprises and twisty roads, teen television shows and movies are based off a strict set of conventions that allude to other teen films. In David Denby 's "High School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies," he describes the typical movie storyline and characters: the blonde, superficial cheerleaders that make up the popular crowd, along with the buff, handsome jocks versus the social outcasts comprised of geeks and freaks. Denby continues to explain the nature

  • The Dipiction of Teens in Society through Films

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    What Popular Films Tells Adults About Teenagers: The Depiction of Teens to Society The portrayal of teenagers varies significantly throughout society ranging from determined and diligent to profane and inattentive. There are mixed opinions revolving around the attitude and behavior of teenagers but most inclined towards negative. Much of the negativity comes from the media, especially films and television programs, which influences the views and opinions individuals have on teenagers. A significant

  • Mean Girls Is A Teen Comedy Film

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    Deciding what is most important in life is often a struggle, especially during high school. Mean Girls is a teen comedy film loosely based on the self-help book titled Queen Bees and Wannabes. The main character is a high school student named Cady that just moved from Africa and has been homeschooled her whole life. The American culture and society she is introduced to is embodied by the Plastics, who are the most popular girls at North Shore High: Regina, Gretchen, and Karen. The pressure put on

  • Examples Of Stereotypes In Teenage Movies

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    According to Campbell and Kean, teen movies are filled with stereotypes which can be divided into five categories: jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, goths and stoners (Campbell and Kean 274). For the purpose of this essay, they will be referred to as princesses (formerly cheerleaders), loners (formerly goths) and rebels (formerly stoners). In this essay, I will argue that 10 Things I Hate About You does not have the mentioned stereotypes. In 10 Things I Hate About You the main characters can be divided