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  • Essay On Teeportation Portal

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    A teleportation portal was levitating in the sky. It resembled a multicolored vortex spinning rapidly around its axis. A teleportation portal was pretty common in the world of Asteron. It linked two distant locations and allowed anyone to travel instantly between them. Such a portal could link two places which could be very distant form each other. But this portal was different from the others as it had something special about it. It was not its blood red color as the portals could have any random

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    the house, soaking it all in. She was very quiet. Maria and her friends looked around for any signs of what could have happened and who could have taken them. “Isn’t it ironic,” Maria sobbed. “I don’t come home for four years working on a teleportation device, which ended up taking my family, and now I am back home because of it.” “Do you think it was George?” asked Lisa. “No, I could believe that he took my notebook, but even he wouldn’t kidnap my family. I don’t know who would do something

  • Essay : A Story Of A Short-A Short Story

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    A young man, about five foot 5 is tearing down the street as fast as he can. "Gotta go gotta go! I do NOT need to wait in a giant line like Ogla did," he said as he runs toward a building with a big sign saying, Adventurers Guild. The young man skidded to a stop as he came to the big building. "Yes! No one else is her-," he stopped mid-sentence as he looked behind him, to see hundreds running behind him. "Shit, I should've woken up earlier!", he said while speeding into the building.

  • Superpowers Essay

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    Teleportation Superpowers are fictional superhuman abilities that originated in comic books. If humans had superpowers in real life think there would be a huge moral debate in we would have to use these superpowers. Would we use them to help society or would we use them for personal gain. Superpowers are extremely powerful and humans would need to use them with responsibility. Have you ever wished you could travel to anywhere in the world for free or receive whatever you want to you without moving

  • Essay On Adventure In 1984

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    typed in, “/teleport Winston 100 10 90.” I had to teleport now, so I tested it. “Hit! BAM!” “Where am I?” I asked with weariness. I realized I was back at home. “Now, to send whoever trapped me into jail!” I screamed with pride. Thankfully, my teleportation also teleported the Supercomputer. Looking inside, it said, “Last command executed by…” And there it was, the culprit. Dr. Laughesty… I teleported to him using another command.

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    As soon as the bus stopped, Emily snuck out the back door. But the driver didn't notice. But of course, he had noticed everybody else sleeping. "Time to wake up," the driver said. Frank, Angel, and the teenagers slowly woke up. "How long were we asleep?" Melody asked. "We must have slept throughout the entire bus ride," Angel said. "Anyway, it's time to finally go back home." "I hope our psychic vision doesn't come true." "What psychic vision?" "Sarah and I had a psychic vision of zombies taking

  • The Story Of My Life

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    Baton Rouge, LA Maria slid her dress over her head, and wiggled as she pulled it down and straightened it. Sitting on the bed she slid her feet into her new black, slingback pumps, and headed to the bathroom where she stood staring into the mirror, waves of black pin curls cascading to her shoulders, always meticulous, she methodically put on her makeup. As Maria leaned forward to apply mascara, she remembered her mothers favorite advice, ‘Maria, always look your best dear, you never know whom you’re

  • What Is Nacht Der Untoten?

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    This is where zombies all began with the map Nacht Der Untoten (translated: Night of the Dead) Here the main crew, (further mentioned meaning Tank Dempsey, Dr. Edward Richtofen, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Balinski) have not yet been introduced. This is a small map with no perk-a-colas and only the mystery box which does not rotate around the map, due to its small size and the fact that it's all brand freaking new! Alright so we can shuffle past Nacht at the moment and move into Veruckt! Verrukt, four

  • Reincarnation, Teleportation, And Combination

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    Reincarnation, teleportation, and combination. Weird words put together, but if you think not much deeply then you would understand why…well it wasn’t really that much important. What I’m talking about is travelling to another world…that cliché starting that multiple novels started at giving people, the protagonists, a new start, a new adventure. It practically gives people the hope that things would change, and things would be better. Meeting a princess, defeating the demon lord, meeting nice

  • A Short Story : The Story Of The Grandfathers

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    John heard gunshots so he ran down stairs and John saw his grandparents lying on the ground. ”Grandma, grandpa!” he call 911. “This is an emergency come quickly, as quick as you can please!” He was really angry at what happened, that he couldn’t wait for the police so he ran off to the city and When he ran he saw a guy walking into a house with a gun and John yelled ”stop there don’t move!” The guy that killed his grandparents ran into the house, John ran in too without thinking. “Didn’t I tell