The Big Moment

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  • Analysis Of The Everlast : Boxing Makes You Bigger Commercial

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    effective commercials progress a story that leads to a big “aha moment” or a message. They capture the interest of the audience using a captivating, though curtailed, storyline and make a call to action at the end. That way, viewers will be left thinking about their product or company

  • Short Story: The Boy who Would Save the World on his Computer

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    This is the story of a boy who would save the world on his computer but yet he didn't realize it yet the boys name was Jason Ramsey a 14 year old boy who plays Wow has blonde hair and a normal body type with a high intelligence . One day Jason was walking to school on Friday morning eager for the weekend. He arrived at school just before the bell had rang. He quickly went to his locker to collect his materials for first period writing. After he had collected his materials he quickly ran to class

  • My Experience At Center Ice

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    The sweat trickled down the side of my cheek and my eyes went dry as the wind slammed against my face. My jersey was billowing in the wind as I skated across the famous bruins b at center ice. I saw the puck go past a defender quickly and trickle along the banged up boards. The crowd was cheering insanely loud that I thought my ears were going to pop. I was on breakaway and then bang, a stick completely swiped my feet of the ice. This was one of the best of my life and it all started with a phone

  • My Final Moments As A Chelsea High School Cheerleader

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    It was my final moments as a Chelsea High School cheerleader. My final banquet had quickly approached. It was then that I realized I was not ready for the season to be over. I stood in front of my friends, fellow cheerleaders, and their families as they watched and waited for me to recite my last words as the season came to an end. It took hours for me to write about what my teammates and my coaches meant to me. I did not want to sound too nostalgic since I’m not the emotional type, but I also

  • You Should Not Be Here: A Short Story

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    see an extreme amount of people living their incredible lives and then I was just over in the corner living my life down in the dump. I felt like I couldn't do it anymore. I had been bullied throughout my whole 8th grade career, but this one moment, the big moment, hit me hard.

  • College Admissions Essay: Big Moments In My Education

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    Big moments in my education Surprisingly, I did not plan to be an engineer; it was my Dad’s last wish before he passes away. However, I started to love engineering when I worked on my third college year project for the blind. When my team mate and I were done with the project, which was a tactile computer screen for the blind displaying the text in Braille codes, I felt that this was my aha moment. Since then, I volunteered in various projects for the blind and worked for about a year in a company

  • Unanswered Essay

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    the answer seems to become apparent, it changes into a defining moment, according to Jim Tilley. These defining moments that were once questions are the things that document our lives and how far we have come. Jim Tilley wrote the poem The Big Questions to talk about and parallel these things with everyday life. “The big questions are big only/ because they have never been answered (line 1/2).” Jim Tilley begins his poem The Big Questions, by posing a philosophical statement in which the audience

  • Examining the Music of Big Fish and Cold Mountain Essay

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    Concerning the genre spectrum, Big Fish and Cold Mountain are miles apart. The first is a magical assortment of reality and fantasy driven by a man running from a loved one; the second is a historical fiction propelled by a man seeking a loved one. In addition to the dramatic and thematic differences, the underscoring of both films is opposing in the methods used to achieve similar ends; namely, serving the five functions. Danny Elfman, the composer for this Tim Burton film, interlaced an intricate

  • One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: Closed Reading

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    After the catastrophic rebellion of the ward, Big Nurse calls for another group discussion excluding McMurphy’s participation in order to regain the power she possessed before McMurphy’s arrival at the ward. This is the most important moment in the book because Ken Kesey’s separation of the patients from McMurphy causes them to falter from Big Nurse’s obscure behavior and exotic responses. Because of the separation and the unexpected behavior; Big Nurse is able to regain authority by turning Mcmurphy’s

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Big Sleep '

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    No other film was as controlled in its production as The Big Sleep. Every aspect of the film is so precise, that the filmmakers left nothing to chance. Every set was built inside, with the exception of a few exterior shots. The Big Sleep is a very visually interesting film that uses quick and precise cutting, harsh lighting, and wonderfully framed shots. The editing in The Big Sleep is extremely quick and precise, yet it is perfectly seamless. The cuts do not call any attention to themselves