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  • The Legal Profession At The Washington College Of Law

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    to practice law in one way or another. Observing legal processes has truly been an eye-opening experience. It is much easier to say I want to be an attorney than actually be informed about the process. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a law school class at the Washington College of Law, speaking to very successful lawyers and observing the inner workings of a law firm. I have been interested in the legal profession since I was in middle school, but whenever I mention attending law school, people

  • The Negative Impact Of Gun Laws On College Campuses

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    occur people will become to feel safe. But when discussing gun laws and how they shouldn’t allow people to carry them on campus it will be a threat to people within the campus and outsiders. According to the article "Gun bill is dangerous for college campuses." It's easy to see that many would feel uncomfortable being on any college campus knowing that someone could have a gun present. Students as well as professors should feel safe on college campuses, but they aren't the only people being put in danger

  • College Admissions Essay: My Life As A Law

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    doctor was able to give me a diagnosis. I was forced to go from doctor to doctor and pay out-of-pocket expenses for visits, lab work, and ineffective medicine. Finally, the last physician I visited extended a helping hand. Realizing that I was a college student with no insurance and that my family income at the time was minimal, this physician decided to reduce the costs of my visits and find a way to alleviate the cost of my prescriptions. That single act of kindness solidified what my mentor said

  • College Admissions Essay: My Passion For Law School

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    Aristotle once said, “The law is reason, free from passion.” Aristotle might have been on to something, since he is one of the all-time great thinkers. However, I would disagree with him on this legendary quote. The quote should sound something like this; “The law is passion, with reason sprinkled in.” We are on this earth to find our passions and pursue them one hundred percent, with full confidence. If I told you my greatest passion was law; this wouldn’t be the truth. My passion is helping others

  • Pursuing A Law Degree During My Sophomore Year Of College

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    I first acquired an interest in pursuing a law degree during my sophomore year of college. In order to prepare myself, I chose to major in criminal justice, with the intention of becoming a defense attorney. During my senior year, I decided that I did not want to go to law school directly after college. Shortly after graduation, I moved to New York City and explored other career options. However, I remained open to a career in law. Moving to New York City from Miami broadened my view of the world

  • College Admissions Essay: Go Onto Law School

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    unstandable because they migrated from a place where challenging the status quo was dangerous. This always frustrated me because I love to talk, debate, protest, and advocate. My passion for this pushed me towards wanting to major in philosophy and go onto law school. I dream of being someone who fights for those who aren’t in a position to speak up, and to actually make a difference instead of just wishing that I could. When I was twelve, I visited my home country Somalia for the first time. Even though

  • The Dangers Of School Shootings

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    stereotypical college kid trying to make it to class. The only difference would be that bulge on his faded jeans and under his slightly wrinkled sweatshirt. That bulge isn’t a cell phone, calculator, or brown sugar cinnamon Pop-tarts that a typical college kid would be carrying to a 9 a.m. class. This boy closely conceals a .42 caliber pistol. The pistol is fitted perfectly to its matching holster attached to his old Levi jeans. This may not be a normal trend right now, but as a new law in Kansas is

  • Texas Southern University Research Paper

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    There are many different colleges and universities that a student can choose if they want to pursue a career as a lawyer. Many of these schools offer different majors related to law, and some are even specifically made so that one can be prepared for law school. There many schools in the south with phenomenal law programs, one being Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. Texas Southern University, better known as TSU, is a historically black public university that was founded on March 3, 1947

  • Concealed Handgun Licenses On College Campuses

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    The rules for CHL holder have to follow stated by the Texas Department of Public Safety surrounding concealed handguns licenses on college campuses says it “Authorizes a license holder to carry a concealed handgun on their person while they are on the campus of an institution of higher education in this state. However as stated by the Department of Public Safety the institution establish rules, regulation, or other provisions concerning the storage of handguns in dormitories or other residential

  • The Electoral College : The Purpose Of The Electoral College

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    citizen has not been included in the election. You would think if the entirety of the US citizens voted then the outcome of the election would have changed. I say false because of the electoral college still being implemented in the presidential voting system. The original purpose of the electoral college was justifiable due to the fact the most people back in the day were uneducated of the world of politics to make the right decision on who will be president. Though now it is not justifiable because