The Legal Profession At The Washington College Of Law

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The legal profession in itself can be evaluated as abstract; the duties and responsibilities of the members of the legal profession belong to a plethora of options. The profession can be approached in several ways, but the overarching goal is to practice law in one way or another. Observing legal processes has truly been an eye-opening experience. It is much easier to say I want to be an attorney than actually be informed about the process. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a law school class at the Washington College of Law, speaking to very successful lawyers and observing the inner workings of a law firm. I have been interested in the legal profession since I was in middle school, but whenever I mention attending law school, people slightly sigh and tell me that it wouldn’t be worth it- or I get the exact opposite and be told I will make a lot of money. Coming from a background where I am a first generation college student, pursuing any goal is to benefit society and leave my mark, not necessarily for the money. I am still considering law school many years later and I have been exposed to the profession both in practice and in theory. I have read books about law school and heard both positive and negative comments. Sitting in on a class was both nerve wrecking and exciting. I registered to sit in on a first year torts class taught by Professor Popper. He has a lengthy experience in the legal field and I would’ve liked to speak to him, but unfortunately he had an ABA

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