The Expanse

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  • Essay On Old Man's Cave

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    showcase what can be offered in the form of natural beauty -- bolstered in part by a creation of a seamlessly interwoven trail, taking many forms it will follow throughout the musty voids of cool stone, past the crashing flow of waterfalls, and into the expanse of lumbering cedar giants. Natural formations of rock with stunning depth and size introduce a smooth, chiseled out staircase, of solid gray stone, which leads downward into grooved out tunnel of stone running through the earth. The solid walls are

  • Timacles: A Narrative Fiction

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    Just off the chilly shore of Gunvorton, a Mer crept along the sea floor. Ink black tentacles emanated from the base of sharp hips. A few curled up tight and moved in tandem to carry her across the floor while others furled and unfurled, reaching, grabbing, and feeling the seaweed and rocks that surrounded her. Humanoid arms crossed over the scantily clad chest of a slender, female, torso. Opalescent purple, orange flecked, orbs constantly surveyed their surroundings while long milky tresses drifted

  • The Fondest Memories Of My Childhood

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    The good old days, the days of being an innocent child without limits with care free attitude. My childhood, for the most part, consisted of intrepid adventures and endless hours of fun spent exploring and making huts in behind the family house. These were the times that I shall never forget for they will be forever ingrained in me for eternity. As a child, the world felt small and insignificant, all I knew was that I was living it up like another child on the block, free to do whatever we wanted

  • The Dark Expanse

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    PART 1 The dark expanse, which is outer space. An interstellar spacecraft hurtling through. On the side of the hull in very large letters is IPNH HORUS AA- 5145262522. It is an Interstellar ISIS Class Scientific Expedition Type vessel. She has 5,627 personnel on board, all in hyper-sleep, a kind of cryogenic suspended hibernation medically induced coma They have been traveling for a very long time, nearly two hundred and fifty some odd years. Its mission to seek out, discover and

  • The World And Expanse Of Time

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    Throughout the semester, evaluating different eras and event across the world and expanse of time, we have studied how individual players and their actions contribute to our understanding of history itself. Many of our readings were historical accounts centralized on the lives of single players, and these players’ roles in greater historical events. The outbreak and entirety of WWI, serves as an example of how many individual players, and their actions, contributed to the overall outcome of an all-out

  • Russia, The, And Territorial Expanse Of Russia

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    The youth, the multiethnic characteristics, and territorial expanse of Russia all make the country an outlier when compared to other countries. Though independent since 1991, Russia has deep historical roots that trace back to Imperial Russia. From Genghis Khan’s great conquers in the thirteenth century (Marks 2009, 36), to the first free presidential elections in the Russian Republic(Marks 2009, 78)—and everything in between, Russia remains a rollercoaster in the modern day. In the manifestation

  • Photography and The Gothic

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    Sky” collection. The collection shows untouched nature that gives a feeling of the sublime. It shows wide green expanses, bathed in warm light, that shows a raw beauty and goodness created by nature. This feeling of the sublime is a major aspect of the gothic due to its ability to provide

  • Comparing Enuma Elish And Genesis

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    In this essay I will compare and contrast the Babylonian creation story found in the Enuma Elish with the creation accounts presented in Genesis, the Jahwist and Priestly source. The reason for this comparative essay is to show that the creation stories in the Jahwist and Priestly sources of Genesis, and that the Enuma Elish have some similarities along with major differences. Including but not limited to a chaotic primitive state, the creation of mankind, the idea of “image”, and the division

  • The Big Bang Model And The Steady State Model

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    The Universe Joyce Claiborne Professor Robert Leard Earth Space Science GS 403 09/09/2014 Abstract For many years there has been a mystery on how the universe began. There are questions about the ending of the universe and how. Hypothesis called cosmological that try to find the answer were constructed by astronomers. The Big Bang model and the Steady State model are the two that were constructed. These two models claims to explain the beginning and the ending of

  • Going to Get Gassy: A Biblical Look at Climate Change

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    As a member of the National Rural Electric Company I am presenting to you the idea of cutting off the carbon dioxide limitations is not the brightest of decisions. It will change the world as we know it. Over the past few years record-breaking and extreme weather events including sweltering summers, super-storms, wildfires and shrinking icecaps, alongside the acidifying of the oceans has been the topic of discussion. In Missouri this winter we have seen more snow, extreme freezing temperatures