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  • Recording The Oratorio Song Of The Forests

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    Prior to composing the oratorio Song of the Forests op. 81 in 1948, Shostakovich composed the film music Michurin that was about the life of horticulturist Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin (1855-1935). The film music encouraged Shostakovich to compose another work based on the same rural theme. Below is his statement during the aired interview in 1955 that confirms it: “My work in cinematography has proven beneficial for my activity as a composer. Indeed, a number of my compositions are a direct outcome

  • How To Switch Roles In Johann Sebastian Bach

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    The sixteenth notes in the red box acts as a junction into having the two soloists switch roles and gives the intro to the second theme a lot of suspended and anticipated notes in the sequence. Moreover, the blue box in figure 7.1 represents the exact same lyrical line in figure 5.2 except this time the roles are now switched; the first violin solo showcase the moving sixteenth notes first, followed by a group of eighth notes with the second violin solo, then the second violin solo repeats the sixteenth

  • From The Diary Of Virginia Woolf

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    anacrusis of a minor second (see Figure 1). Both the use of the interval of a minor second and the sequential “contemplation theme” are reused through the song cycle in a variety of variations. FIGURE 1: “The Diary”, measure

  • Does Costly Cell Phones Affect Student Performance?

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    performance which is written by Christian M. End, Shaye Worthman, Mary Bridget Mathews, and Katharina Wetterau the authors focus on how a ringing cell phone impacts a students performance in class. In the first class one cell phone went off while in the second class it did not nor were there any other disturbances planted inside the class by the researchers conducting the study. What the researches believed this experiment would prove is that the ringing of the cell phone would cause a major disturbance

  • Science Fair: The Effect Of Microwave Radiation On The Growth Of Organisms

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    Westfield Public Schools Science Fair; The Effect of Radiation on the Growth of Organisms Cierra Paskins Mr. Rymasz Amanda Woodruff Ms. Breed Cierra Paskins 18 September 2015 Literature Review We will be watching and measuring how microwave radiation affects different organisms using the control of the non microwaved organisms. microwave radiation, or electromagnetic waves can affect the growth of organisms and how they survive. after the plants

  • Visual Analysis Beethoven

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    Up until the thirty second mark, he quickly sees of all of his memories playing out right in front of his eyes, as if he is watching a movie of his life. When the dotted sixteenth notes with the triplets begin at thirty seconds, the memories seem to stand still and focus on one moment in particular. This memory is when he meets and falls in love with his soul mate. From the thirty second mark to the forty-five second mark, the memory shows him accidentally bumping

  • Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach the complete works

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    in a really standard form, and the comments on performance are quite helpful to the performers. For instance, the commentary of Sonanta in B-flat Major for Flute and Basso Continu, Wq,125 is located from the page one hundred and thirty-six to page one hundred and thirty-seven. In the commentary, it mainly shows the measure numbers, part of the voice, and remarks. For Measure number, it used the number to mark each specific measure. In the part of the voice, fl means the voice of the flute, and b

  • Analysis of Haydn's String Quartet: Op. 76, No. 4 Essay example

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    forzando he wrote on the first quaver of the bar. Bar sixty shows the introduction of one last new motif in the exposition. It is first heard in all the parts halfway through bar sixty and is made up of four quavers with a quaver rest between each of the notes. Sometimes this motif starts on the beat or off the beat and in some occasions during this movement both the on the beat and off the beat motifs are played together creating the sense that continuous quavers are being played, this first occurs at bar

  • Analysis Of Fanfare For The Common Man

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    open American ceremonies and concerts during World War Two. Its title was inspired by vice president Henry A. Wallace’s speech earlier that year, which called for “the dawning of the century of the common man”, in relation to America’s duty in the second world war. Ultimately, the piece was designed to stir patriotic feelings and create a sense of strength surrounding the American war efforts. Its title celebrated the power of any common man to make a difference in battle, and to show dedication to

  • The Effects Of Cell Phone Rings On Academic Performance Essay

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    lecture material in their notes.” (End et al. 55). They conducted an experiment to test this hypothesis. Seventy-one participants were recruited from the participant pool at the Xavier University psychology department (23 men, 48 women). They were undergraduate students, (average age 20.21 years), and 83% Caucasian. At the beginning of the experiment, participants were told they would be participating in a study examining the “psychology of note taking” for research credit. Thirty-two participants (12