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  • Personal Narrative County, Kentucky And Lessons Learned

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    Jessamine County, Kentucky and Lessons Learned Jessamine County is a great example of how to change school start times. Benefitting from the experience of neighboring Fayette County, Jessamine took its time to organize their efforts in such a way as to transition smoothly into a new schedule for their students. The superintendent of the Jessamine County Schools, Linda France became aware of the literature about the impact of school start times on student health and learning. Following in the footsteps

  • Teacher And Administrator Perception Of Professional Development

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    Cooperative districts. Kentucky is home to eight different educational cooperative districts, with the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative district (GRREC) housing approximately forty public school districts and post-secondary education institutions located in western and central Kentucky (Terrell, 2016). The research study includes fifteen of the GRREC member districts authorizing use of their district as a research site. These districts include: Adair County, Breckinridge County, Caverna Independent

  • Analysis Of 60 Years Ago

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    Metcalfe County is chiefly an agricultural one. The main crop is tobacco and there is considerable beef and dairy cattle production here. The population of Edmonton is variously put at between 800 and 1,100, depending upon whether you accept the U.S. Census or

  • Daniel Boone Book Report

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    Daniel Boone was born on November second, 1734 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He was the sixth child of Squire and Sarah Boone. Daniel’s great-grandparents, George and Mary Boone, had sailed to America from Bradninch, England, in 1717. From the time Daniel was a small boy, he loved and appreciated the wonders of nature. He jumped at the chance to venture deep into the woods and explore the vast wilderness of this glorious new land. Boone was remembered as having never liked school. Rather, he

  • Daniel Boone, An American Explorer And Frontiersman

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    Daniel Boone, an American explorer and frontiersman, was born November 2, 1734 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Boone was fathered by a blacksmith and weaver, Squire Boone Sr. and nurtured by his England emigrated mother, Sarah Morgan. Boone was the sixth born and received a skimp formal education, for he learned to read and write from his mother. Boone acquired an education in wilderness and survival skills from his father. Boone just like his father had a niche for woodsmanship and hunting, for at

  • Southern Kentucky Outreach Program Case Study

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    The Southern Kentucky Outreach Program was established as a 501(c)3 organization in the community of Burkesville, Kentucky in 2000 by local city council leader David Good, one of the most productive city council leaders in southern Kentucky in the last decade. The mission of SKOR is to strengthen the community of Burkesville and surrounding areas of Cumberland County through innovative outreach programs that are centered on art, healthy lifestyles, educational attainment, and economic empowerment

  • The Appalachian Region

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    The Appalachian region is one of the most valuable areas of the United States. It is rich in many natural aspects and is home to some of the hardest working citizens in this country. Unfortunately, Appalachia is also home to a variety of harsh social problems including severe drug abuse and a gripping poverty facing a large portion of Appalachian citizens. The two of these issues seem to go hand in hand in many cases, so the solution of one could also lead to the solution of the other. Appalachians

  • Sustainable Futures Act Recommendations Essay

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    Re: Sustainable Futures Act Recommendation Executive Summary: With the passage of the Sustainable Futures Act (SFA), a clear message has been sent to both the Nation and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The SFA bans coal extraction, crucial to the Kentucky economy, while it does provide job training and economic support for those in coal mining areas, the bill will not be enough to spur new green growth in the Commonwealth. The two proposals: 1) Provide Mazda USA $500 million dollars to start production

  • The Violent Myth Of Appalachia Essay

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    defined in ARC 's authorizing legislation, is a 205,000-square-mile region that follows the spine of the Appalachian Mountains from southern New York to northern Mississippi. It includes all West Virginia and parts of 12 other states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina,

  • Poverty And Its Effects On America

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    poverty is a lot closer to home than one might think. The winding, twisting roads of Eastern Kentucky have picturesque scenery, but many of the people here are struggling in these hills. The people of Eastern Kentucky have been dependent on the coal industry to feed their families and pay their bills, but this once thriving industry has been on the decline in recent years. Without coal, Eastern Kentucky is facing a grim future and many of its residents are struggling with the effects of losing one