Does Costly Cell Phones Affect Student Performance?

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In the study Costly cell phones: The impact of cell phone rings on academic performance which is written by Christian M. End, Shaye Worthman, Mary Bridget Mathews, and Katharina Wetterau the authors focus on how a ringing cell phone impacts a students performance in class. In the first class one cell phone went off while in the second class it did not nor were there any other disturbances planted inside the class by the researchers conducting the study. What the researches believed this experiment would prove is that the ringing of the cell phone would cause a major disturbance in the groups attention to detail, thus hindering their overall performance during that class period. This experiment could not be done randomly so…show more content…
Another limitation could have been the timing of the test say the students would get the chance to retake the test on a later date after reading their textbooks and retereving the information that was washed out by the distraction of the cell phone maybe the results could have been much different than what was recorded at the time of the original test. The implication of this study is that although there were many limitations within the study the fact still remains that cell phone are a major distraction within a classroom. The entire research paper proves the fact that cell phone policies are needed within a class because vital information can be missed when one goes off. I personally agree with the researchers hypothesis not only because of the statistical and factual proof given, but also because in my personal experience I have been distracted by not only my cell phone, but other students cell phones going off inside a lecture period. Cell phones need to be off or silenced during
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