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  • Short Story: Home

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    saw her mother, she slowly walked back through the door and ran out of the house. Tessa had seen her drunk before, but it was never this bad. It was only Tessa and her mother. Why Tessa thought, why does she get so drunk when I am around? She then realized that she left her phone on the couch. She walked inside and called her Aunt Carlee to come help. “Hey, Aunt Carlee, we have a problem.” “What is it? Are you okay?” “Yes, I am fine, it is my mom, she is drunk, naked and she has puke all over

  • Essay On A Story To Go To Love

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    Temple today. So they asked me to stay in the shop whole day. They don’t trust anybody except me.” She indicated towards the money counter “I still have to take admission so no point going to college.” “There is good news for you. Date of fee submission has been extended by one month. Ashutosh’s continuous protest and discussion with administration made it possible.” She informed her. “I told you. This boy has all the qualities of becoming your brother in law.” Asha humorously said. “I am not concerned

  • Mental Illness : Charles Lachenmeyer And Kay Redfield Jamison

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    with this disorder haves period in which they feel overly happy and energized other times feeling sad, hopeless, and sluggish. Schizophrenia on their other hand is a severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. Individuals with this disorder may seem like they have lost touch with reality.

  • I was not surprised to hear that and neither was I disappointed in Sheldon. I was just glad that he

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    I was not surprised to hear that and neither was I disappointed in Sheldon. I was just glad that he tried. That was all I could ask for. The one thing I did not want to do was to pressure my children into doing something that was not in their hearts to do. “Sheldon, if you feel the need to leave college and then by all means do so. That is not my desire for you, but you have the right to do your own thing and seek your own path. There are many people who are quite successful that did not go to college

  • My Speech - Original Writing

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    said as he tried to gain my attention. I was shooting my one hundredth movie today and I was very bored. "Yes John?" I asked "I need you hear under the moonlight," He said I can 't do this right now, my head was throbbing. "Sorry, I can 't I need to go home. My kids are waiting and I don 't very well," I said with hope he would say that I could go home. After all I am here all day every day. "Okay that is fine. Be here early tomorrow so we can get a head start," He said with ignorance. I left

  • Life Changing Experience : A Life Changing Experience In My Community

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    Once I had did this test got the call I had started to feel noticed. About my smartness that nobody knew about. This was a life changing moment for me and one I start my community I can tell then my life changing story. Then they can share it with others and they can tell me after the start to feel noticed on what had changed there life. As I had went to this place that lets you do communities in your area and they help spread the word for you. They told me I had to pay for a place that was out

  • My God Where Is Alaina Or Carolyn

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    Carolyn? I cannot wait to tell them about what am I going to do today! I thought to myself. I am a 6th grader who was Cupertino Middle School, early in the morning at 7:30 waiting for one of best friend’s to come so I could tell them something exciting. I had been waiting for minutes in the sun shine with so much excitement and happiness because it was the day where I was going to do something fantastically special! “Alaina, Alaina!” I shouted as I ran across to my friend. “Why are you so excited

  • Wait Karen's Story-Personal Narrative

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    her baby boy who she gave up for adoption eight years ago. Even since then Terri still feels guilty, and does not want to be sad anymore. Terri has not had it easy since then, one morning she woke up and her husband was gone! He had lost his job about a year ago and left a note saying I can't provide for you anymore. Terri knew that she had to be a woman and work for herself so she went and worked at an African American record shop. Terri knew that would not stop her, and she would do anything

  • Flashback Alternate Ending

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    as he sits on his bed and runs his fingers through his hair. Regina comes up behind him and rubs the middle of his back trying to comfort him. She places a chaste kiss on his lips, "what has got you riled up?" "Its nothing, I'm fine," he replies and forces a smile. "No you are not fine. Why are you shutting me out?" "I'm sorry, love. I have just been stressed out about a lot of things lately. I just didn't want to bring you into it because you already have so much on your plate." "You can

  • A Report On The On Bp Meds

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    Send me a SIGN! Why? Just because. I passed a Mac dump truck last night coming home. Jeremy, Its to the point I figure Ill see a line of mini 's on fire (I did see one on the side of the road 2 nights ago). You know everything I see and hear I relate to you... I do have to come get my blood pressure medicine, YES Im on BP meds.. only 10mg (I believe its genetic)... plus its been pretty normal since I lost 60 pounds! So hopefully I can get off of it sometime. But I am not to worried, it just add it to