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  • My Favorite City Essay

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    in the car, and driving for a couple of hours to your favorite city to visit. It is an immensely great feeling that occurs once you reach it. We all have our favorite places to visit. What makes your favorite city so great? All of the best cities in Michigan should have certain characteristics to be considered the best. Most favorable cities in Michigan all have the quality of a dedicated lighthouse and pier. For example, in the city of Port Austin, Michigan there is a towering lighthouse at the

  • My Favorite City Essay

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    Qualities of the Best Cities in Michigan Imagine waking up early in the morning, getting in the car, and driving for a couple of hours to your favorite city to visit. You can not wait for your arrival. It is an immensely great feeling that occurs once you reach it. The wait and anticipation is over and you can finally enjoy it. We all have our favorite places to visit. What makes your favorite city so great? Is it the people the culture, or the views? All of the best cities in Michigan should have

  • Beer Industry Essay

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    While the population in the state has declined, Traverse City has continued to see growth. Currently, the population residing in the city is over 15,100 with a median family income of $66,769. With the growth and potential that lies in the city, potential owners wonder if opportunity and incentives present itself for a future brewery business in Traverse City. Currently, Traverse City’s recent job growth and future job growth are both above the United States’

  • Research Paper On Airport Interview

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    the boardroom of the Hector International Airport. The attendees of the meeting were Kaitlyn Anderson, Stacie Tjon Bossart, Corey Quinton and Jim Koehler. Kaitlyn is the daughter of Darren Anderson, who was the driver of the airport’s Chevrolet Traverse, the subject vehicle that was involved in the accident. Kaitlyn appeared at the interview wearing a sweat suit. She is 18 years old and a freshman at studying pharmaceutical medicine at North Dakota State University. She lives at home with her

  • Essay about Alternative Transportation & Greenways System Plan

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    Transportation & Greenways System Plan In Transportation Alternative's "Bicycle Blueprint" for the five boroughs of New York City, John Kaehny, executive director, states: Making greenway networks a reality will require partnership between planners and advocates, on the one hand, and public officials controlling purse strings on the other. Local elected officials, particularly city council members and borough presidents, have to be reminded that greenways can multiply the value and variety of open space

  • Linkages Of Peri Urban Community

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    are identified by their proximity to the city and as such PUAs are also known as the urban fringe, hinterlands and transition areas. Such proximity is caused by the physical expansion of a city’s physical boundary into adjoining regions. Physical expansions in such manner could stem from urban growth, economic growth and relocation of industries.(Lacquinta and Drescher 2000) Peri-urbanisation may become the dominant 21st century challenge for regional and city planning and design. The peri-urban is

  • The Issues Regarding Access Healthcare For Rural Veterans

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    The Issues Regarding Access to Healthcare for Rural Veterans in Montana Introduction One of the biggest problems of the current VA administration is access to health care for veterans in rural areas. According to the office of rural health as of 2014 there were 22 million veterans across the nation, 5.3 million of them live in rural areas, and 57% of these rural veterans are enrolled in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system (ORH). Over 20 percent of military service members

  • Historical Development Of Urban Development

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    its public equally. Some cities have a more equitable distribution of infrastructure than others, but many urban neighborhoods remain woefully underserved,” (Avila 4-5). My hometown of Tolleson, Arizona is a small city of six thousand, five hundred residents with a predominantly Mexican population, with nearly 78% of the residents declaring themselves as Mexican in the 2010 census. The focus of my research will be on the power of Latinx representation Latinx-majority cities’ governments, using Tolleson

  • Urban Regeneration And Urban Development

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    by the ongoing urban regeneration and urban developments in many of the major cities in India, especially in city of Pune, and its adverse effects on the city townscapes and place identities. City of Pune has a rich education legacy and has been often referred as the ‘Oxford of the East’, a legacy which came into prominence on the establishment of the University of Pune in the year 1949 (Hindustan Times, 2012). The city truly justified itself as the cultural capital of Maharashtra with its strong

  • Effects Of Gentrification On Urban Areas

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    Issue Paper #1 The Effect of Gentrification on Urban Areas Neiel Edmonds October 6, 2015 American Government University of the District of Columbia Neiel Edmonds October 6, 2015 American Government Dr. Hunt Gentrification: Urban Areas All over the globe today, urban areas are vulnerable to the growing impact of gentrification. Reason being is because, as the cost of living rises in many urban areas unlike never before, then those urban areas are needed to be diversified