Tsunami warning system

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  • Tsunami Of The Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning And Mitigation System

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    subsequently caused a series of catastrophic tsunamis to hit the coasts of Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and South Africa. The destruction was devastating, causing just under $10 billion in damage and an estimated $7 billion more in humanitarian aid. Although so much aid was sent to the affected areas, ten years later some of the areas are still suffering from the devastation. Looking back, the main cause of the devastation was the lack of warning systems in place. Although some places like Indonesia

  • The Cascadia Earthquake: A Disaster that Could Happen

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    today, resulting in a giant tsunami. Coastal towns would be washed away or completely isolated, and electricity would be lost (FOX5). There would be $70 billion in damage and people would only have 15 minutest to evacuate or move to higher ground resulting in 10,000 deaths (FOX5). This sounds like a plot for a scary movie, but this is actually a reality. The Oregon Coast in located on a subduction zone, which makes it very susceptible to major earthquakes and tsunamis. With the Cascadia subduction

  • The Earthquake Tsunami Of Tsunami

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    Geography 5/27/17 Tsunami There are many types of natural disaster that are quite deadly (earthquake, tornado, volcanic eruption, etc.). Out of all natural disaster that ever occurs on earth, I believe that tsunami is by far most interesting one out of all. The reason why tsunami is very interesting is because it can be triggered by many causes (earthquake, volcanic eruption, underwater landslide, fall of a large mass, etc.) On this research paper; I will explain what exactly is tsunami, the 2004 Sumatra

  • The Natural Disasters

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    Tsunami is not just a single giant wave, it may even consist of ten or more waves which is then termed as: “Tsunami Wave Train” . Tsunami possesses kinetic energy and a mass of water which can cause devastation through kineticism and flooding. There is an international tsunami warning system and certain regional tsunami warning systems are also in placed. Pakistan is shielded to a greater extent from the Tsunami of the Pacific Ocean and Bay of Bengal due to the Indian land mass, however, Tsunamis

  • Tsunamis: How Oregon Can Better Prepare for Cascadia Essay

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    Tsunami hazard assessment in Oregon started with an inundation simulation in the Siletz Bay. Various parameters were tested with different inundation estimates and run-up from past tsunami deposits (Priest, 2001, 55). Inundation maps were then created furthermore in the Oregon Building Code, Oregon limited construction of new important or hazardous buildings in tsunami inundation zones indicated by the inundation maps. Zones that these maps are based on use the Cascadia event in 1700 as a “most likely”

  • Technology Is the Best Way to Reduce the Impact of an Earthquake - to What Extent Do You Agree with This View

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    Tsunamis are usually caused by tectonic displacement of the ocean floor often resulting in an underwater earthquake. This happened on Boxing Day in 2004 in the Indian Ocean where there was a 1000km thrust fault from a release of stress along the constructive-destructive plate boundary. No technology was in place to detect such a disaster and, although scientists knew a tsunami was likely to hit Southern Asia, most of the warnings were too late and the first TV broadcasts

  • How Did The San Andreas Fault Resulted In A Major Earthquake

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    San Andreas portrays an interpretation of potential events that are feasible if the San Andreas fault resulted in a major earthquake. Although the movie’s creators and directors dramatized or intensified facts regarding earthquakes and events that would commonly occur in the midst of an earthquake for entertainment purposes, the information presented regarding events that could occur during and following an earthquake was generally accurate. However, there was inaccurate information presented in

  • Database Security, Recovery And Emergency

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    Abstract Every part of the given task will incorporate abridging every section of the book named Database Security, 1st Edition, Alfred Basta; Melissa Zgola,Copyright 2012, Cengage Technology on data security which will offer us some assistance with building a manual for arrangements and methodology for keeping the database secured. The center of this task will be on section one which worries about security of data frameworks. The target of this paper is to make report in view of the discoveries

  • Vibrati Miami Earthquake

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    why the elephants were upset, or about the approaching tsunami. The elephants sensed the tsunami before anyone else did, but by then, it was too late.  A tsunami struck the coast later that day and caused massive destruction. Fortunately, the elephants “were not swept away by the water” (Rust 26) and remained “safely on the hill” (Rust 26) Sentence explaining how this detail supports my claim:     The elephants somehow sensed that a tsunami was coming and reacted to the upcoming danger by moving

  • Tsunami Of 2004 Research Paper

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    struck beneath the Indian Ocean 160 miles west of Sumatra. With a magnitude of 9.3 lasting nearly about 10 minutes. The quake moved a full 750 miles of underwater fault line up to 40 feet thus causing a massive displacement of water. Causing a tsunami the tsunami had been estimated to have had two