Turnpike trusts in the United Kingdom

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  • The Transport Revolution Essay

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    remarkable was John Metcalfe from Knaresborough in Yorkshire (even though he was blind, he led a very active life). He was nearly fifty years old when he constructed his first Turnpike road (1765) and in the next twenty seven years, he supervised the construction of nearly 300 kilometers of Turnpikes (mostly in Yorkshire and Lancashire). He paid special attention to the bed of the road and where the soil was soft, he laided great quantities of heather as a foundation for

  • The Industrialization Of The Industrial Revolution Essay

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    There are many identifying factors unique to Britain that were responsible for industrial innovation, change, growth and contraction during the period defined by the industrial revolution in Britain. By about 1750 Britain had become a world leader as a trading nation, with London becoming the warehouse of the world. London also had an efficient financial centre selling services such as insurance, including shipping insurance. It is estimated that 600,000 people lived in London at this time and a

  • East Anglia, The West Riding Of Yorkshire And Stoke On Trent

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    This essay sets out to compare the localities of East Anglia, The West riding of Yorkshire and Stoke on Trent in an attempt to answer the question as to why industrialisation brought about economic growth in certain localities and contraction in others. In addition, it will be necessary to identify those factors which were responsible for industrial innovation, change and growth, as well as those which produced contraction. Furthermore, it is imperative to evaluate the impact of proto industrialisation

  • Duty of Care Essay

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    Duty of Care: GELERAL Week 2::Seminar 2 This concept is based on three proof of elements, its ingredients are – A legal Duty of D towards the C to exercise care in such conduct of D as falls within the scope of the duty, Breach of that Duty means failure to come up to the standard required by law & Consequential damage to C which can be attributed to D’s conduct. Duty of Care General: Duty is the primary control device which allows the courts to keep liability for negligence within what