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  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Western Way Of War

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    “The direct annihilation of the enemy’s forces must always be dominant consideration because destruction of the enemy forces is the overriding principle of war.” --- Carl Von Clausewitz.[footnoteRef:1] [1: ] Introduction The heavy reliance on superior military technology, increase armaments, and understanding the importance of kinship and culture are three significant drawbacks associated with the Western Way of War. Due to limited military technological advantages, disrupted revolution of military

  • Comparisons between the Russo-Georgian War and the Ukrainian Crisis

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    convey the will of the people of Crimea. Russian troops were planted in the Crimea and Russian troops were lined up along the border of Ukraine, creating fear that may have swayed people’s opinions. In fact, the vote received very little ethnic Ukrainians and the vote had a 97% approval to joining Russia. Since then, the mainland of Ukraine has been facing a lot of upheaval. Pro-Russian protesters have been fighting for their turn to be a part of Russia. All along the Eastern side of the Ukraine

  • Essay On Russia

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    and the international community as a whole. Even as the West are condemning obvious overstepping of boundaries, international laws, and norms, the West are unable to act as decisively as they should. Putin justifies his deployment of troops into Ukrainian territories under the guise of “liberating” and defending ethnic Russians. This article is a more direct information attack on Ukraine and its supporters. However, there are different ways that information warfare has been utilized. Russian fed the

  • Sovereignty In The United States

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    Millions of citizens in Crimea have been left in the dark and have to depend on candles and back up generators. The blackout was executed by the Tatar a far right Ukrainian nationalist group in Crimea who were against the annexation. The situation has become so bad that authorities have stopped trade with Crimea until they have the situation under control. Russia reaction to the blackout is it’s threatening to cut gas

  • Tatar Argument Against Russia's Annexation Of Crimea

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    Hundreds of Crimean Tatars launched a blockade of roads from Ukraine to the Crimean peninsula to protest Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula. With help of the members of the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist Pravy Sektor group, the protesters used concrete blocks to partially seal off the three roads linking mainland Ukraine to Crimea in order to halt the delivery of goods. Tatar leaders said they were aiming to block supplies to protest the "numerous violations of their rights by Russian authorities"

  • Satire and Critique in Dead Soul by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

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    A Satire for the Ages Satirical fiction, although unique and one of a kind in its nature, has continued to be an enthralling and captivating subject out of the plethora of themes that exist throughout literature history and thrive to this day. While the many forms of humor that appear throughout a novel, from comical, ironic characters to witty, exaggerated plots, are often considered tame and childish themes, authors, skillful and clever alike, are able to utilize such forms of humor and transform

  • Changing the Genre of a Blog Article

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    In this assignment, our task was to find a published piece of work and change its genre drastically. Then we had to analyze which genre is the best for presenting the information that we have. The topic that my partner and I chose was about the Ukrainian crisis. The primary genre is a blog post from The Washington Post and the secondary genre is a poem. It is not easy to say which genre works the best in this situation; however the primary genre is more effective because it is well organized, presents

  • The Famine Of The Soviet Union

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    Between the years of 1932 and 1933, an estimated 4 to 5 million Ukrainians perished in a famine unprecedented during peacetime. Called the Holodomor, Ukrainian for ‘death by hunger’, the famine fits into a number of other famines that occurred simultaneously in the Soviet Union including but not limited to Kazakhstan, the north caucuses, and the Urals. The famines were a consequence of Stalin’s first 5 year plan, which called for mass collectivization and nationalization of industry with the intention

  • Essay On International Relations With Russia

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    International Relations with Russia’s Invasion Levi Rodrigues American Military University Professor Anna Kathy Russia invaded the territory of Ukraine in 2014. After the fall of the President of Ukraine as well as the protests of Euromaidan, Russia decided to take control of infrastructure and strategic areas within Ukraine. Russia joined Crimea after a disproved vote which resulted in Crimeans voting to join the Federation of Russia following official results. Therefore, pro-Russian

  • The Russian Federation Of The Crimean Peninsula

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    On March 21 2014, the Russian Federation officially annexed the Crimean Peninsula after a well conducted, hybrid type operation. Throughout the history, Crimea was a peninsula of numerous disputes and fierce battles among different nations. Its location made it a strategic objective in the Black Sea Region. The Crimean Peninsula became even more valuable to a country that desperately needed access to the warm waters of this sea - the Russian Federation (Piticar 2014, 438). Moreover, this peninsula