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  • The University Of Massachusetts Boston

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    The University of Massachusetts Boston prides itself on its accomplishments when it comes to sustainability. The school is built on a landfill site and sustainability has been integrated as a guiding principle in the development of the university (1). Green design has been integrated into the development of the university’s campus center building as well as the new buildings being constructed and renovations being done following the master plan. UMBe Green is the university’s sustainability program

  • My Personal Experience : My Experience In College

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    stomach as I hopped into my car and trekked forty miles to The University of Massachusetts Boston. Everyone’s first day as a college student is daunting and the nerves were definitely high that day. I was no longer attending a high school of a little over five hundred students, but rather a university with a total undergraduate enrollment of over twenty-two thousand students. This day was the start of a new chapter in my life and the University introduced entirely new opportunities for me to explore. Since

  • My Auto-Ethnography Analysis

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    My auto-ethnography encompassed a three-day stretch (Thursday afternoon to Saturday afternoon) in which I visited Boston to help celebrate my rabbi’s installation as the first woman rabbi in New England’s largest Reform Jewish Synagogue (Temple Israel of Boston). As points-of-reference: this particular rabbi was also the person who oversaw my conversation to Judaism and was particular influential with guidance during some very rough life events. Also, I have remain in close contact with both the

  • Compass Boston Mission Statement

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    There are many colleges and universities on the mission to further education and help people achieve life goals, but it is our choice to select one that will best benefit our future careers. For example the University of Massachusetts Boston, also known as UMass Boston, is well known for business school and MBA programs. UMass Boston was founded in 1964 after the Baby Boomer’s generation overwhelmed the Bay State’s only public school in Amherst. In 1863 Massachusetts Agricultural (Mass Aggie) was

  • The Unique City Of Massachusetts State

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    it from the other regions. Traveling among the US states commence Montana, then to New York City, after that Philadelphia and finally to Boston in Massachusetts state is drawing wonderful impression about the United States. It gave an impression of being a rich with diversity of terrain, environments, customs, cultures, and the nature of the locals. Massachusetts State is one of the most American states known at all, where it played a significant historic role in the history of the United States.

  • Questions On Law School Profile

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    Law School Profile School Name: Boston University School of Law By: Lucey Knight Contents: ➢ Overview ➢ Rankings and reputation ➢ Admissions ➢ Grading System ➢ Awards ➢ Honors ➢ Placement facts ➢ Externships ➢ Internships ➢ Clinical programs ➢ Moot court ➢ Journals ➢ Notable alumni ➢ In the news Established 1872 Mailing address: 765 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215 Phone: 617-353-3112 Website:: Student-faculty ratio: 12:0:1 Number of students enrolled:

  • Statement Of Purpose For International Relations

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    pursuing master degree in International Relations, I will be able to develop more sophisticated point of view towards international politics and economic effects on international politics. By pursuing International Relations master degree at University of Massachusetts

  • The Boston Tea Party Essay

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    referred to as the Boston Tea Party. This started off when the East India Company had a superfluous supply of tea that nobody was buying. As a result, they lowered the price of the tea and sent it to America for the colonists to buy. This was called the Tea Act. The colonists weren't stupid and immediately recognized it as a hidden tax. They were extremely outraged and a secret group called the Sons of Liberty got the idea of throwing out the tea into the Boston Harbor. The Boston Tea Party had a prodigious

  • Jennifer Winn Aronson Essay

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    Programs at The Boston Foundation, where she oversees the Foundation’s discretionary grant making operations, strategy development and management. The Boston Foundation, which allocates $16 million annually in Greater Boston, “devotes its resources to building and sustaining a vital, prosperous city and region, where justice and opportunity are extended to everyone.” Jennifer also leads the Foundation’s Nonprofit Effectiveness Group, which works to deepen the impact of the Massachusetts nonprofit sector

  • Boston Vs. Portland: A Comparative Analysis

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    mind - Boston and Portland - but it also calls for contrasting the friendships I might make, the size of the cities, and the climate. Having lived in a “small-town” all my life, any change of my living environment is a huge deal. So from my perspective, being able to contrast Boston and Portland’s amiability, their climates, and the size of their cities can help me make a significant decision for my life.