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  • Golden Fleece And Revenge In Medea By Medea

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    Euripides Medea is a tale that hinges upon crime, punishment, and revenge. Jason, Medea’s husband, whom she helped rise to power and fame through the discovery of the Golden Fleece, has decided to abandon his wife in favor of a woman who will benefit his social position. Medea has given up everything to help her husband be powerful and is, of course, very angry that he betrayed her so easily. Prior to Medea and Jason’s return to Corinth, Jason's father had died, and his uncle Pelias sat, without

  • The Medea

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    Diane Downs. Susan Smith. Andrea Yates. Casey Anthony (maybe). There is no shortage in current times of women who, just like Medea in hers, found themselves taking the lives of their children. A current theatrical production of Euripides’ The Medea will give audiences a long felt message, even though the play itself is set and costumed in classical times and without much overt spectacle. The Medea is A classical play, and I felt classical costuming was imperative for an accurate representation

  • The Archetype Of Theseus As A Hero

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    Superman or Harry Potter, is also considered a hero. Theseus was the son of Poseidon who went to Athens to meet his supposed father, the king. In hopes of freeing him of his debt, he travels to Crete where Minos resided and killed the minotaur whom Aegeus was to feed 7 each of the most beautiful maidens and courageous men in his kingdom. Theseus is considered a hero for he possesses qualities of a hero and his/her journey. Theseus fits the hero archetype because he is clever, which means that he has

  • Aegeus Theory Of Theseus

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    laughs this action off as if it didn’t matter much to him. Another theory is that Aegeus is Theseus’ father, which I’ve found more stories of because it aligns with the fact that Theseus was prince of Athens, and to be that he’d have to be Aegeus’ son. In both stories the mother is Aethra. Aegeus needed an heir, which he left for Aethra to raise until he was ready to retrieve a sword and sandals left by Aegeus himself. When Theseus became old enough to move the rock that was imprisoning his birthright

  • The Tragedy Of Theseus, The King Of Herakles

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    The Athenian hero Theseus served as a model of Athenian civic duty and shaped his audience’s conception of right and wrong behavior. Theseus, king of Athens, was believed to be a great hero and served as the Athenian counterpart of Herakles. Primarily, Theseus was a source of Athenian pride and civic duty. Solely on his journey from Troezen to Athens, Theseus goes through six labors in which he defeats six monster and human adversaries that had plagued Greece while giving them a taste of their own

  • Aegeus Vs. Buttrey In Medea

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    Theodore V. Buttrey defended the role of character Aegeus in Euripides's Medea as being instrumental in helping progress the story from the play’s first and second act. This defense of Euripides, comes in response to critics, including Aristotle, who, having taken poorly to Aegeus’ underdeveloped character and rather suspicious entrance in the play, have gone and criticized the entire structure of Medea. Buttrey, on the other hand, credited Aegeus for acting as the principal red herring that ends

  • The King Of Theseus : Father Of Aegeus And Aethra

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    Theseus, son of Aegeus and Aethra, was born in a town called Troezen. At first, the father of Theseus was unknown, for Poseidon, the god of the sea, also had relations with his mother, Aethra. In the beginning, Aegeus, king of Athens, had put a type of quest for his son. He buried his sandals and his sword under a boulder and ordered Aethra to send Theseus, when he comes of age, to lift the boulder and take these treasures and head to Athens. When he came of age, Theseus did exactly what his father

  • The Power Of Power In Theseus And Cupid And Psyche

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    towards other people. Other higher status personalities, such as King Aegeus and Psyche’s elder sisters, use their power negatively due to jealousy. Similarly, Minos and Venus use their power for revenge against those who take something dear to themselves. Most characters use their power negatively, however, there is evidence characters use their power selfishly, some use their power responsibly. Theseus and his father, King Aegeus made a promise that when Theseus returns to Athens he will change the

  • Jason's Oaths In Medea

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    Later on, Aegeus, the king of Athens, makes an oath to Medea after she explains her predicament. When Aegeus hears of Medea’s exile, he realizes that he is able to gain something if he helps her. Medea makes him promise that he will “never, willingly, during [his] lifetime…surrender [her] to any of [her] foes that desire to seize [her]” (55). Aegeus, although trying to be hospitable, unknowingly contributes to Medea’s plans. Medea

  • Artemis In The Odyssey

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    passionately. Living in one of Artemis’ forests was the bravest deer she had ever laid eyes on. He would protect his family like no other animal had ever done before; therefore, he received the name Aegeus, which means protector. Aegeus’ courage and strength was like a magnet of love for Artemis. However, Aegeus was too busy protecting the forest animals to notice Artemis’ love for