Vas deferens

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  • The Effects Of Reproductive Health On The Daily Lives Of Humans

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    Vasectomy First introduced in the 1950’s on a national level, Vasectomies emerged as the first procedural contraceptive option for men. Commonly known as the “sterilization method,” a vasectomy aims to terminate the access of sperm through the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from the testicals, to the outside of the male body with the possibility of reproduction. Vasectomies insure a reliable form of contraception for men without having to repeatedly use a condom. World of Health (2007)

  • Horseflesh Trial

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    Myself, being a good judge of horseflesh, kept my part in the Southern Hemisphere's greatest crime of all time hush hush, as I was not handed a punishment by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, though many of my partners in crime did receive one. I did not know my acquaintances personally, being that we all met through the employment registers at Centerlink. The punishments for my confrères were meticulously, and unnecessarily sinister. One was sentenced to death by mutilation, that being Ruben

  • Super Cavitation Research Paper

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    What is super cavitation? To understand this question another needs to be asked. This question is what is cavitation? Cavitation is the forming of small pockets of gas under water. These gas pockets are formed when an area of low pressure is created at a constant temperature which in turn forms gas bubbles that then rapidly collapse with immense force and heat. The heat and pressure of the collapsing cavitation bubbles can reach up to 5,000 degrees Celsius and 1,000 atmospheres or in other words

  • The Hero Of Heroes, Beowulf, And The King 's Land

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    The night was bitter and clawed within the hearts, minds, and skins of every Geat in King Higlac’s land. Five moons have risen since the departure of the hero of heroes, Beowulf, and the fourteen strongest Geats in the clan to kill a monster plaguing King Hrothgar’s land. This absence has left Geatland in great peril, and word has spread across the region about the increased vulnerability of the Geat clan. Because of this, warring tribes against the Geats planned to seize control of the once secured

  • Bishop 's Same Gender Couples Adoption

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    Bishop Disapproves Same-Gender Couples Adoption Rights in Czech Republic In response to a change in the Czech Republic’s law now affirming the rights of LGB people adopting children, Bishop Vaclav Maly—chairman of the Justice and Peace Commission of the Czech Bishops’ Conference—stated: "The model of the family, constituted by a man and a woman, has been proved over thousands of years and shown by numerous expert studies to serve a child 's physical and psychological needs best,” according to an

  • Prehistoric Man Has Endured Misinformation, Stereotypes, And A Lack Of Information

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    Prehistoric man has endured misinformation, stereotypes, and a lack of information. The Upper Paleolithic Epoch started 40,000 years ago and goes on until about 12,000 years ago and glacial ice was on the move. Periods of extreame cold were cycled with warmer weather. The habitats of humans and animals was undergoing great and significant changes. Herds of wooly mammoth were moving about, hunter-gathers were following. Through recent discoveries and expansions on old theories, prehistoric man began

  • The Medellin Drug Cartel : Background

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    The Medellin Drug Cartel BACKGROUND Drug cartels have grown and expanded throughout the interior and exterior of states for many years. The way drugs started to be introduced to Mexico, Colombia, and other places around the world was believed to be a myth. It was a tale that was known by many through storytelling, which over the years turned into an actual realistic issue. One of the most known cartels that existed for a long time was The Medellin Cartel. It became a subculture of its own

  • The Seven Cities Of Cibola

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    Some people search for treasures that are never found. Others explore the world looking for valuables till their deaths. In this case, explorers were looking for something that was valuable to them. There are many known conspiracies and various rumors about Cibola, “the City of Gold,” which was believed to be real, but in reality, Cibola never existed. Subsequently, there were four expeditions that searched for Cibola. There are journeys that were made, but were not told of what had happened and

  • European Exploration Of The Indian Territory

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    European Exploration of the Indian Territory Exploration of the “New World” and the Indian Territory can be summed down to one major component, greed. Greed for power. Greed for gold. Greed for pocket lining commerce. Greed for allies. Greed for more souls to serve the Christian God. Greed for more land. Greed to protect what they have conquered. All different, but all from the same root. The Indian Territory is touched by all forms of this greed, and the approach maybe different but both brought

  • Vasectomy Versus Tubal Liigation Procedure

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    of the procedures aren’t usually very successful (Saladin, 2015). A vasectomy is a very interesting procedure in which the tube that carries sperm from the testicles to the penis gets cut, clamped or in some way blocked. This tube is called the vas deferens and once it is cut or clamped the sperm can no longer mix with the semen which causes a pretty effective birth control. According to WebMD “Because the tubes are blocked before the seminal vesicles and prostate a person will still ejaculate the