Veteran Homelessness Essay

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  • The Causes Of Veteran Homelessness

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    the support that these veterans need to survive in this world; they would help us survive in theirs. If goals are put in place and there is enough effort and power backing up the motor of these goals, then accomplishing an end to veteran homelessness will occur. This paper will examine the causes of veteran homelessness and how to cease and prevent veteran homelessness from happening and reoccurring. According to the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, as of 2014, 13.2% of

  • Homelessness Among Veterans Essay

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    Homelessness Among Veterans Homelessness among our veterans is a huge problem across the nation. For the most part veterans are overrepresented in the homeless population. Nearly half of the homeless veterans are soldiers from the Vietnam war. Five percent of the homeless veteran population are between the ages of 18 and 30 and less than 23 percent are between 31 and 50. The homeless veteran population is predominantly males that are single, live in a city, and have a mental/physical disability

  • The Problem Of Homelessness Among Veterans

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    Homelessness among veterans is a highly disregarded issue that doesn’t seem to be improving on its own. In many cases, homelessness is out of the veteran’s control, so the question that is being asked is; why so many veterans are homeless and what can everyone, including the veterans, can do about this significant and overlooked problem. This question is essential to finding the solution since it looks at this situation from both sides of the problem: It not only finds ways that the noncombatants

  • Veterans And Their Struggle With Homelessness

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    There have been stories of hardship, stories of how people have overcome, how they have beaten the odds; but how many of those stories been of veterans and their struggle with homelessness? The stories that are shown of homelessness do not show the full extent of what those people go through. This is shown in Michael’s case, a veteran who resided in Los Angeles, a man who lived under a bridge for ten years. Michael had become ashamed of his appearance and situation, at first he would resist those

  • Arguments Against Veteran Homelessness

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    The life of a veteran names Bryan turned for the worst after his mother passed away about 5 years ago. Before her death he was involved in the community and was an all-around good guy. After her death he lost his involvement in the community, his mental stability was slowing getting worse and he ended up in a coma from trying to end his own life. After 3 months in the hospital they discharged him, promising they would find a place for him to go. “They said will sort it out for you, but nothing got

  • Causes Of Veteran Homelessness

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    Veteran homelessness is a current and cruel treatment for people who have served and died for our country, which can be solved with the funding of taxes and shelters to help care for the veterans when they return. Homeless U.S. veterans is a reccurring issue as veterans return home from war with haunting memories which cause PTSD and other mental conditions. James V. Carroll, an assistant editor at American Legion Magazine, reports that “45 percent of homeless veterans suffer from mental illness

  • Homelessness Among American Veterans Research

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    Homelessness Among American Veterans Research Paper An issue that has been around for decades which still remains in the United Sates today is homelessness among veterans. Vanessa Turner has a story that needs to be heard by many. As a homeless veteran, Turner joined the U.S. military in 1997 and later, proudly advanced to the rank of a sergeant. In 2003, Turner suffered from a traumatic injury while serving in Iraq. In suffocating 130-degrees fahrenheit heat, Turner fell into a coma and nearly

  • The Disgrace of Veteran Homelessness Essay

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    population of veterans who are extremely susceptible to homelessness. One of the key factors that contribute to homelessness among veterans is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD affects a large number of military veterans from every war, though the rates differ depending on which war they served in, PTSD affected 30% of Vietnam veterans, 11% of Afghanistan veterans, 20% of Iraq veterans, and 10% of veterans who served in the Gulf War (How Common is PTSD). Half of veterans with PTSD do not

  • Homelessness Among Veterans of the U.S. Military Essay

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    Contributing Factors The presence of additional risk for homelessness specifically associated with Veteran status is puzzling in that it occurs among a population that shows better outcomes on almost all socioeconomic measures and that has exclusive access to an extensive system of benefits that include comprehensive healthcare services, disability and pension assistance, and homeless services (Fargo, et al, 24). In spite of having many advantages, veterans over-represent in the homeless population. The question

  • Homelessness : Homeless Veterans ' Reintegration Programs Reauthorization Act Of 2015

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    and 2016, more than 200 bills on homelessness were introduced at the National level and State level. However, only a few progressed. • National Level: H.R. 474, a bill that addresses veteran homelessness, is titled Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Programs Reauthorization Act of 2015. H.R. 474 was introduced in the House on January 22, 2015 and passed the House without amendment on May 18, 2015. The bill extends through the Fiscal year 2020, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) homeless reintegration