Violette Szabo

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    Nancy. Great to meet you." "Violette and likewise. I thought for a moment that I was the only girl! Australian?" Violette looked genuinely pleased and interested in Nancy. "Me too! I 'm a Kiwi by birth, but don 't hold that against me!" Nancy let go of Violette 's hand and turned towards the house "Now this looks intriguing. Your first course?" "Yes, it certainly is. I don 't quite know what to expect, but let 's go in and get this caper started I suppose?!" Violette started to walk towards the

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    wasn 't there, before quickly forgetting that as he looked up at her. She looked a little weird, but still beautiful, just like his own Mum. "Who is Violette Sabo, Mum?", he traced his fingers over the lettering as he read it out, His Mum looked over at his hand and what he was reading, she squinted in the bright light to skim the writing, "Violette Szarbo Noah. I 'm not sure who she is but she is clearly a famous foreign lady of some sort. Now, come on, let 's go and see what grumpy Grandad can

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    Major John André, Harriet Tubman, Julia Child, and James Bond. What do these people all have in common? They were all spies. Major John André worked for the British during the American Revolution, relaying important information back to England (Bhatt). Harriet Tubman worked for the Yankees, helping slaves escape during the Civil War. Julia Child handled many classified documents during World War II, including papers about the invasion of the Malay Peninsula (“A Look Back… Julia Child…”). And, of

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