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  • Waist Cincher Essay

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    Know the purpose of wearing a waist cincher What is a waist cincher? A waist cincher is a kind of corset, which is exclusively designed for women to reduce their waist size. The main purpose of wearing the garment is to compress the waist as well as to create an even abdominal area. Some people call them as shape wear or compression underwear. The latest brands of these types of corsets come with a rear zipper. What are the other uses of a waist cincher? Besides wearing as clothing, most women

  • Waist Trainers Research Paper

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    pain just to fit into society now and days, with the help of a new fad called waist trainers. By cinching people’s waists so tight, their bodies actual start to mold into a more hourglass figure. Or so they think this is what is happening to their bodies, but in reality something far worse is happening. When wearing the waist trainer it does make one’s waist look like it’s slimmer and have a more hourglass shape. Waist trainers come in all sizes and they have rows of clamps that clamp together as

  • Myths And Facts About Waist Cinchers

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    about waist cinchers What are waist cinchers? Waist Cinchers are a kind of corset, which are exclusively designed for women to support their waist. The main purpose of wearing a waist cincher is to compress the waist as well as to create an even abdominal area. Some people call them as shapewear or compression underwear. The latest brands of these types of corsets come with a rear zipper. What is the use of a waist cincher? Besides wearing as clothing, most women use this innerwear for waist training

  • Women's Roles In The 1940s

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    Throughout the 1940's women's roles and expectations in society were changing at an immense speed and with very little say in society and were stereotyped to stay home, make children, raise them at home and be a good home-maker and wife all in one. In 1942, women were finally allowed to enter the army or navy which was named as The Women's Army Corps. Women were accepted for volunteer Emergency Services such as in hospitals and got paid or were deployed off with other men leaving their families behind

  • The History of the Corset Essay

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    century. During the Renaissance period, the corset resembled a cone, as it was small at the waist and uplifting at the bosom. It extended from the underarm to just below

  • Advertising : An Analysis Of Vintage Advertising

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    Intro: Vintage Advertisements are interesting because it allows us to look in the past and see the way people lived and products were used. The two ads I chose are from the 1930’s and 1950’s. They are interesting because you get to see how much fashion has changed and standards have changed since the 1900’s, in reference to women’s weight and how they dressed. In a 1959 ad, it shows a woman in a bra and corset. The ad suggests that women should look thin. In a 1935 ad that also refers to women’s

  • Essay On Shapewear

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    shapewear be worn for centuries. With the technology of today, the special fabrics and stitching, high-quality design and material you reach nowadays a beautiful hourglass figure without pain. It is recommended to use shapewear slowly build. Wear a waist trainer the first weeks up to 2 hours per day and build this week by one hour. Wearing Shapewear can even provide health benefits. It can stimulate blood circulation and provide support to the

  • The Corset: Torture Device of Fashion Necessity

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    When looking back on the Victorian era and comparing it to our current age we don’t think that they have much in common. In the last two hundred years the values and attitudes that Americans hold have drastically changed from what they were during that age. Today it’s more common to find someone being rude in public than it is for someone to give a kind complement to a stranger or to even help someone that has fallen. The Victorian era might seem so far away that it has no effect on society today

  • The Chosen Statue Depicts A Pair Of People

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    exposed, her waist is narrowed, more weight is distributed to the upper thighs to better render fuller hips, and a pubic triangle is purposefully carved into the stone. A second exception includes their choice in clothing. Although the woman 's upper body doesn 't indicate a top or brassiere, she is clearly wearing a long skirt or dress that lacks any further detail, but certainly reveals parts of her body underneath the fabric. The male is wearing a garment fitted around his waist, complete with

  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life

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    Nighttime came all too quickly. I was in my purple-painted room, laboriously working on my homework while sitting on my bed—my designated desk since I didn’t actually have one. Outside my door, my mom was bustling about in the kitchen looking for who knows what and my little brother was probably in his room secretly playing some sort of online game. It was a typical evening. Normally my dad would be home watching sports whatever, but instead, he was at his annual one-week long fishing trip with my