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  • Speech On Pitch Deck Structure

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    So, you’ve broken the ice and given the investor a killer elevator pitch on your business idea. You’ve hooked them in with your idea and the possible gains the investor might enjoy by hopping on board. So, what now? Just hand over the checkbook? Well, not quite. You now have to delve deeper to drawing in the investor and impressing them with a pitch deck. In the first part of this guide, I’ve introduced you to the concept of pitch deck and the best time to present it to investors. Let’s

  • Karolina Juzczykowska's Contributions

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    concentration camps to die, while others were arrested and killed. In an attempt to save as many lives as possible, many people hid Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. Three individuals who did this are Irena Sendler, Karolina Juszczykowska, and Raoul Wallenberg. “Heros do extraordinary things. What I did was not an extraordinary thing. It was normal.” ~ Irena Sendler Irena Sendler was a woman who saved

  • Extended Definition Of Hero

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    small children, a hero that would’ve witnessed it might have been traumatized by it. Heroes like firefighters and volunteers from the community sifting through all the rubble just to recover the bodies of the children. They would comfort the grieving families only to wish that they can go back to prevent this from happening. How this applies to a hero is being more human. When it comes to emotional strength, there is also

  • Raoul Wallenberg And The Holocaust

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    have been much larger if people, like Raoul Wallenberg, did not help. Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish businessman and diplomat who showed much moral courage by saving countless Jews during World War II. Raoul Wallenberg was born on August 4, 1912 in Sweden. He was born into one of the richest families in Sweden, the Wallenbergs. Since his family was very wealthy, he had the opportunity to attend college abroad in another continent. In 1931, Wallenberg went to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

  • Raoul Wallenberg Research Paper

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    Raoul Wallenberg is credited with saving the thousands of lives of Jews who were taken into Hitler’s concentration camps during World War II. His devotion and honored Swedish heroism earned him his recognition we acknowledge today. He was born on August 4, 1912, three months after the death of his father, Raoul Oscar Wallenberg. His mother, Maj Wising Wallenberg remarried Fredrick von Darriel in 1918. Wallenberg’s grandfather, Gustav Wallenberg, took care of his education while he was growing up

  • Roaul Wallenberg Research Paper

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    Raoul Wallenberg lived a great but short life from August 4, 1912, until July 17, 1947. Raoul was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Raouls father worked in the Swedish Navy, but later died of cancer. Both of his parents were from very Swedish families. Raouls father died three months before he was born. Let alone, his grandfather, Gustav Wallenberg, took charge in making Raouls life the best it could be. Moreover, he made sure that Raoul knew about different cultures and languages and that he was well

  • Essay about Go Ask Alice By Anonymous

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    Ask Alice, by an anonymous girl whose life enters a place where, as most teenagers, she has no idea who to turn to, or where to go. "Oh dear god, help me adjust, help me be accepted, help me belong, don't let me be an outcast and a drag on my family," (Anonymous, 13). With these words, we are accepted into the girl's life, and into her heart and mind. I chose this quote because it is one quote that I think relates to the theme. She writes in her diary about her life, and her diary is like

  • Language Separation in Immigrant Families Essay

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    Language Separation in Immigrant Families In America, each family usually has a standard language spoken in the household. Communication is easy and mothers can talk with their children and they can connect with them. Some people who have this benefit are unaware that some families do not have this advantage in their homes. Lee Thomas and Linh Cao understand that some families have language change through each generation. Cao herself lived in house where her relatives used several different

  • Christmas, 2009 Essay

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    occasion when the family gets together. And this past year (2009) was not different from the others; I was very excited waiting for Christmas. Especially, because I was going to spend this holiday in Mexico with my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins, but all that emotion did not take me to a Christmas full of joy as the past years. Christmas was very important to me because it was Camila’s (my daughter) first time in Mexico, but after this holiday, the way I appreciated and treated my family changed. After

  • The Second Tradition of Thanksgiving Essay

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    unending amount of food. Others might think of the time spent with family and friends. The whole basis of the holiday is family togetherness, fellowship, and thankfulness for blessings received during the previous year. Every family has their own unique way of spending time together with loved ones only seen during the holidays. In the Stock home, there is only one thing we enjoy doing. Sure, like every other family we have our grand and elaborate dinner, which is composed of all