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  • Analysis Of The Kiss By Will Gompertz

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    assignment is on Page 112, fig. 7, of “What Are You Looking At?” written by Will Gompertz. The title of the piece is “The Kiss” by Auguste Roden and it was made in 1901-1904. This piece to me is beautiful and more so than the version on page 113 because of how smooth the entire statue looks. Even the rocks, while they do look rough, also have a smooth look to them. As indicated in the book, the people kissing are not important at all which is almost relieving because art with a focal point on two specific

  • The Main Contribution Of Growth

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    What is art? What does it mean to be a part of the art? Every September Grand Rapids hosts Art Prize which is the largest art competition in the world. What does that mean? The city turns into a rainbow of color, and a sea of people. Artists, spectators, and critics alike gather to embrace the two week experience. Art Prize was launched by Rick Davos, to ignite conversation in Grand Rapids. A conservative Christian city dominated by Republic views, private art, subversive racism, and homelessness

  • Identity Essay

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    Rough Draft Identity is what defines us as a person. Everyone one on earth has their own unique identity. To showcase my identity, I created a collage of images and descriptive words, called an identi-kit. This identi-kit shows what I feel like is my identity to myself and the others. My identi-kit identifies me as a mixed martial artist. The identi-kit has images of a deadly shark with mixed martial arts gloves on that say mixed martial arts on the front and fight shorts with the words competitor

  • Why I Am A Liberal Arts Education

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    A liberal arts education encourages freedom by allowing students to grow individually and academically. Before I read the summer reading packet, I did not know this. By reading the packet, I understand what it means to be liberally educated at Loras College. The freedom and growth that I will experience through the liberal arts at Loras will allow me to become better-rounded as an individual. Because of this, I will have learned how to be a critical thinker and learner, see the whole picture of why

  • My Art And Art : My Education Of Art

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    I have never really had any great love for art, but I have never thought it could have any good effect on me. I've known since I was little that not just the big things in museums that cost around $5000 were art, and that even the little things I would make an arts and crafts in my old school could be considered art. However, I never imagine myself as an artist of any kind and always considered art as just something pretty to look at. My education of art isn't really anything impressive, starting

  • Essay on Art and the Bible

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    Art and the Bible Art and the Bible is an interesting approach at looking at art in all of its forms. It also answers the question what is the place of art in the Christian life? Along with the question it tries to put a general perspective on art. The different types of art that are mentioned are writing, painting, poetry, drama and music. The question is answered by looking in the Bible and finding specific example regarding art in all of its forms. The general perspectives on art are looked

  • Art : Art That Is Visual Arts? Visual?

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    Visual Arts? Visual? Arts? art that is visual, isn't all art visual? what does that even mean? This is what my year 4 self was thinking when I asked my Year 7 sister what classes she was going to drop and why, she said she would drop visual arts due to heavy work load. I remember I wanted to follow in her footsteps so I swore to myself that as soon as I could drop the subject I would as well. Flash forward a few years and here I am. My names Tessa kelly and as you can see I never dropped and I'm

  • Tattoos And Body Of Tattoos Essay

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    huge part of of the population does not accept tattoos. Now, these days the art of tattoos is increasing, making a lot of money every year. These days people are getting more and more tattoos, making themselves addicted to it. Body art is used by people to express their personal style, to beauty themselves or just because that piece of art means something to that person. Some people think that tattoos are for delinquents, but the delinquent can save your life, what I means is some doctors have tattoos

  • People Meet Nature By Knut Rasmussen

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    stories can be told for the sake of humor or enjoyment (Isberg, 2007). Often people feel the need to attribute a greater significance to everything and disregard what they perceive as useless. In this paper, I will be looking at whether or not there is a requirement in society for art and literature to be useful. The utility of diverse art forms stems from an individual’s unique perspective which many differ from the societal conceptions and the need one has to express one’s opinions. According

  • Essay On Student Performance Activating Inside Out

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    Student Performance Activating Inside Out.1977/2014 In the art museum the way I tried to see the art is to look at the art then I would read about the photo. Which I realized at is so much more difficult to understand than anything else or why, how, and where is this art piece and why the create it. Some of her art are Unique but some are just not unique or not interest, and basically more random. Of course some people love the art that I have no absolute connection to, which I find to be interesting