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  • Penelope Eckert'sThe Good Woman Is Not A Jokester?

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    Women are not known to be funny. They are not known to act silly. They are not known to be the class clown. They are known to be mature and serious. But where exactly does this assumption that women aren’t funny come from? I disagree with Penelope Eckert's The Good Woman commentary. I believe that women can be seen as being funny, silly, or even be seen as a class clown, but still be considered a "Good Woman."   Many women who are stand-up comics are very successful. For example, the three female

  • Humorists: A Comedy Analysis

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    that the role of humorists is not only to humor an audience, but also to provide a channel for the expression of ideas that are not necessarily ones that we would say to the public, making their role crucial to the functionality of society. Comedians tend to escape punishment for their actions because of the unique position that they hold. In other words, if

  • Comedy : Blood Demons Will Come And Take Our Children

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    and take our children” (qtd. in McKee). When asked how important comedy is due to the political and social climate of the United States, this is how comedian Patton Oswalt chose to respond. Although not serious in nature, his response perfectly encapsulates how serious issues can be tackled in comedic ways. In this analysis, I will consider The Comedians of Comedy (Michael Blieden, 2005) and argue that through the recording of events as they occur, interviews, and problem solving, the documentary uses

  • Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

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    Never Let Me Go is about a thirty one year old woman named Kathy H. Kathy is a carer for donors and she travels from care center to care center. She talks about her childhood at Hailsham and her childhood friends, mostly Ruth and Tommy, and the adventures she experienced. At the end of the book, we learn that Kathy lives in a world where her schoolmates and her are clones that are made for donating organs until they die or “complete.” They accept this fate without questioning it. Never Let Me Go

  • ' The Veteran Couples In Kathy's Kathy

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    In this section of the novel, Kathy observes that the veteran couples in the cottages mimic behaviour that they have seen on television programmes. Kathy then notices a change in the behaviour of Ruth, she too begins to display behavioural traits picked up from TV and the veterans. These traits confuse Tommy at first, when Ruth hits his arm he “[turns] abruptly to Ruth and [goes] ‘what?’” to which Ruth glares furiously, showing how they differ in personality (Ruth tries desperately to fit in, Tommy

  • The Novel, And As The Film Unfolds

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    “I won 't be a carer any more come the end of the year, and though I 've got a lot out of it, I have to admit I 'll welcome the chance to rest—to stop and think and remember. I 'm sure it 's at least partly to do with that, to do with preparing for the change of pace, that I 've been getting this urge to order all these old memories” (Ishiguro, 34). Over the course of the novel, and as the film unfolds, the whole story is told in a series of flashbacks as Kathy reencounters her life. Kathy stumbles

  • When Ruth Is Dead At The End Of Chapter Six

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    The first death in this book is Ruth’s; Kathy casually mentions that Ruth is dead at the end of chapter six. However, it is not until chapter nineteen that Kathy reveals any details about Ruth’s death: [It] was three days after her second donation, when they finally let me in to see her in the small hours of the morning. She was in a room by herself, and it looked like they’d done everything they could for her . . . Now I took one glance at her in that hospital bed under the dull light and recognized

  • Analysis Of Never Let Me Go

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    The Asian book Never Let Me Go written by Kazuo Ishiguro takes place in England in the 1990s. The author shows relations to this book by naming it “Never Let Me Go.” I say this because in the book there is a character who sings a song that is named “Never Let Me Go.” The main theme in this novel is find out who your true friends are and realize not every friendship is going to be perfect, you will go through struggles just like any other type of relationship. Never Let Me Go happens in a tragic

  • Gibson Girl versus Flapper Girl Essay

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    new type of women arose, a women who rebelled against society’s standards for women, the Flapper Girl. The new Flapper Girl shocked society by setting a new type of women beauty that expressed their independence just like men. Meanwhile the Gibson Girl was the ideal figurehead for female beauty, they were often shown as fragile and vulnerable. Flapper Girls astonished the world by pushing the limits of the average Gibson Girl setting new limits that were never foreseen before for women. Before the

  • Anne Marie Slaughter And Richard Dorment Essay

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    survive? In the articles, “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” and “Why Men Still Can’t Have It All,” Anne-Marie Slaughter and Richard Dorment, discuss how women function in the workplace and the different expectant outcomes for each, mainly focusing on the upper class. The primary objective of Slaughter’s passage was to show how women are treated poorly and how they are held to a different standard than their male counterparts. Dorment focused mostly on how neither women nor men should strive to “have