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  • How Big Is My World

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    How big is my world? Everyone says that Holland, or Hope College, is a bubble. In someway I can agree with that statement, but I also know that because there are other things out there, it is just a stepping-stone to find out about the world. I have been lucky enough to been able to live in a safe world due to my parents, but I have also been given the chance to explore what is out there. Some of the ways that have given me a chance to understand how big the world is around me are through two different

  • Where My World Began Essay

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    Town Margaret Laurence describes the basis of her views on the world in her autobiographical essay “Where the World Began” to represent Canada. She states that her small prairie town constitutes the way she has formed her views. She uses the microcosm of her small town to show Canada's growth as a country through her childhood memories , the seasons of her small town, and where you are raised affects your perspective on the world. Just as Canada is a child of Uncle Sam and Lady Britannia, and is

  • My Life, The Arts, And World Events

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    wasn 't social intelligence, it wasn 't good looks, physical health, and it wasn 't IQ: It was grit.” Grit, in my words, is the capability of failing or persevering through difficulties and still being able to succeed in the end. Whether you are or not familiar with grit, it has the potential to change lives, and examples of this trait are shown in my personal life, the arts, and world events. To begin with, the topic of grit can be

  • Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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    Like was talking about. As a teenager being part of this generation like that Douglas Rushkoff is talking about, and I can relate to some of it. I remember growing up when Facebook was popping, and all we wanted was to be like in middle school, kids my age would post funny memes and “t.b.h” which stands for ‘to be honest”.When we would post things like that, we were looking for likes and shares and comments. why? The reason we did this was because we were able too, we felt good about it, and in the

  • My Research For Brave New World

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    Cultural Clash In my research for Brave New World, I came across literary criticism that unveiled fresh perspective of the work when it comes to the psychology of characters. The idea of a perfectly stable world versus a world of recklessness and savagery that shape every aspect of human morale and convictions held at society’s core beliefs; which through psychological analysis of characters and how their external influences can vindicate questionable actions displayed by those in the novel. The

  • My Personal World View On Everyday Life

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    This paper will discuss my personal world view and how it impacts my everyday life. I will first explain how I was led to my worldview. Then I will explain what my worldview is, meaning what I believe to be true. Next, I will explain why I believe my world view to be true. Finally, I will explain how it applies to my day to day life. After reading this paper I hope you better understand my personal world view. My worldview has change several times over my life time and I am proud where the journey

  • The Day My World Changed Analysis

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    This piece begins with a chapter called, “The Day My World Changed” (Yousafzai pg. 3). The very first sentence of this chapter is an incredibly important sentence that will be brought up in the book again later. Malala begins by stating that, “I come from a country that was created at midnight. When I almost died it was just after midday” (Yousafzai pg. 3). This excerpt is incredibly important for many reasons, but one in particular is the symbolism that it shows. It could be said that Pakistan was

  • My Humanities Paper: The World At War

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    I chose chapter 21 for my humanities paper for a few reasons. This chapter is titled The World at War, and discusses the language, literature, art, architecture, music, philosophy and religion of the time between the start of World War I and the end of World War II. This is a period in history that has always interested me, but I will admit I know very little about the art and architecture of the time, so I thought these would be good to focus on. I think it will be interesting to see the effect

  • Personal Narrative: My First World War

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    Shots pierced around me. I scurried across the grass for somewhere to have cover. My leg bled constantly, while pain was shooting throughout my leg. The blood oozed. I found a tree that had a wide trunk. I went around it, and there in front of my eyes was an opening that was big enough for a person to fit in it. I didn't know if it was a trap or safety. I had to take the chance, the piercing pain in my leg was too much. I walked through and I was able to stand up in it. In front of me was a curtain

  • World Literature 2112 Spring 2014 Poetry Explication Instructor: Weaver “My Last Duchess”, by

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    World Literature 2112 Spring 2014 Poetry Explication Instructor: Weaver “My Last Duchess”, by Robert browning, is a dramatic speech delivered by the Duke of Ferrari which highlights the covetous and cruel nature of his personality and the questions which surround his bride’s death. The poem begins as the Duke draws the attention of his fellow conversationalist, who is, we discover, a messenger representing the Count’s family whose daughter’s hand the duke seeks in marriage, to the image of his