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  • Generation X : The Generation's Effect On The Young Generation

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    Those on the younger end of the Generation Z spectrum, also called Generation X, spend their time outside of the classroom differently than one may think. Upon first thought, children who are currently in elementary school appear to be technology obsessed and crave a device at all times. When having the opportunity to sit down and ask these younger students about what they do in their free time, opinions can change to the opposite of what they once were. Generation X and Millennials perceptions tend

  • Gender Roles And Body Images The Minds Of Young Ladies And Men Of The Millennial Generation

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    Prompt #3 In today’s society, concepts of gender roles and body images plague the minds of young ladies and men of the millennial generation. These are enforced by popular culture in song, video and magazines that are published. These roles and images are seen by and influence the minds of mainly young girls but not more popularly seen, young men. Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Sports Illustrated flaunt slim women and very muscular men with “perfect” bodies and hair on their covers and

  • The Young Generation Of Nurses

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    The younger generations of nurses show lower organizational commitment than the tenured nurses in the Baby Boomer and Veteran generations and as such, if they are dissatisfied with their work environment, schedule, or type of work, they are more likely to leave in pursuit of a job that better matches their expectations (Beecroft et al., 2008; Bratt & Felzer, 2012). Satisfaction results in more commitment to the organization, which decreases the likelihood of turnover, a costly consequence of losing

  • The Generation Of Young Adults

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    attack. With the introduction of smartphone technology back in the mid 2000’s, everyone’s day to day lives have been made easier; streamlined, one could say. But that has also led to one problem that the current generation of young adults seem to face: over dependence. The reliance young consumers have put on their smartphone to not only communicate for them, but also complete a number of basic tasks throughout the day has started to become apparent within the past couple of years. As confidence

  • The Generation Of Young Professionals

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    next greatest thing. Millennials, representing the largest generation in America today by accounting for a total of one-third of the total U.S. population, are the rising professionals of society today and, for better or for worse, will soon be the next up and coming leaders in our career fields. However, due to the burst of scientific and technological development that has so rapidly occurred over the past twenty years, this generation of young professionals is distinctly unique from those of the past

  • Drugs and the Young Generation of Papua

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    Drugs and the Young Generation of Papua Circulation of drugs (narcotics , illegal drugs and other addictive substances) in Papua (not including liquor) is the lowest compared to all provinces in Indonesia. By Dian Kandipi for Khabar South East Asia in Jayapura, Papua - 03/17/14 The prevalence of drug abuse in Papua distribution is 0.8 percent based on data BNN ( National Narcotics Agency) in 2012 . However, based on the data sampled 1000 students each school/vocational school in Jayapura, Mimika

  • Young Generation: Future Face of Islam

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    like to talk about ‘Young Generation: Future Face Of Islam’. The former president of Indonesia, Soekarno had once

  • Impact Of Online Networking On Young Generation

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    user can transfer photos, post their activity at that instant & send open or individual messages to the person of their choice. In this "intelligence age," online networking sites appear to be developing in demand quickly, particularly among young generation. . Most important modifications linked to social networking is increment of online media sites, for example, MySpace, Facebook, Cyworld, Google Plus and LinkedIn. (Pempek, Yermolayeva, & Calvert, 2008) Specifically, university students occupy

  • Most Stressed Out Generation : Young Adults

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    Stressed Out Generation: Young Adults Stress is a common health issue for the body and mind, but managed if not avoid This article describes the stress among young adults and how these stressors have developed a generation with more health, mental, psychological disorders than any other generation (Time. 2015). Based on what the cause of stress is and in what ways the stress is formed. This article also discusses how the definition of stress and the level of stress has changed over generations (Time.

  • Will Obesity And Diabetes Cause Deaths Of The Young Generation?

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    Will today’s children die earlier than their parents? Will obesity and diabetes cause deaths of all the young generation? How can we reduce the load of these health conditions on the health of future generations? (Gray, L. 2014) These are some questions which we need to get answers for and on which we should concentrate. The above mentioned issues are creating a sense of fear for the parents as how they can avoid the increasing diabetes issues; and save their children from dying younger than we do