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  • Youth Sports Argumentative

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    Amaiya Phillips Youth Sports Argumentative Participation in sports by children and adolescents is associated with a range of documented physical, emotional, social, educational, and other benefits that can last into adulthood. But increasingly, many young people opt out of sports, while others are locked out due to a lack of resources or access to community programs. Health and other needs go unmet. The U.S. government produces limited data on sport participation and physical activity

  • Benefits of Youth Sports

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    Benefits of Youth Sports“Sports do not build character. They reveal it,” said John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach. Playing sports not only provides physical activity, but also other positive benefits. This is especially true for children. A well-structured and organized youth program will provide benefits and positive experiences for young athletes. While children are having fun participating in sports they are also building character, learning to work as a team, and playing fairly. Most

  • Decline In Youth Sports

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    The decline in youth sports is affecting many people around the world today and it isn't just the kids themselves, or parents with children, it includes the average person. If the participation in youth sports continues to decline everyone will be affected in a negative way. As a society we need to get our kids back into sports so they can receive the benefits and the life lessons that they will hold onto for the rest of their lives. Sports can be a very important thing in many children’s lives and

  • Youth Sports : The Benefits Of Youth Soccer

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    Benefits of Youth Soccer Why is it important for kids to become involved in youth soccer associations? Involvement can be beneficial for children on a variety of different levels such as mentally, physically, socially and behavioral. The benefits of youth sports has some major traits that will help kids become into successful people. Youth sports can prevent a variety of issues that can affect physical health, mental health, and social skills in the long term. Joining youth soccer is a great

  • The Causes Of Youth Sports

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    Nine out of Ten kids say the reason they play youth sports to have fun. On another note 80% of children drop out of youth sports by the age of 12 (Reed). Some of the most common reasons children drop out of youth sports can range from something as simple as not having fun anymore to something as complex to feeling as if the parent/coach is being unfair to them, like constantly getting judged after every game. Parents can avoid this all by supporting, not over bearing, Nays, and making sure the child

  • Youth Sports Negatives

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    As kids grow up you will notice that their parents are not quite sure what kind of sport they want to sign them up for, so they enroll them in all of them hoping that their child will find a sport that they will continue throughout their life. Kids usually range in sports such as basketball, football, baseball, softball, soccer, dance, and gymnastics. With every youth sport organization comes the negatives and the positives. The negative aspects are that parents can be hard on their children, and

  • The Importance Of Youth Sports

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    are starting to hold their kids out of football and other sports which is keeping them from learning the game and learning social skills early in life. Youth sports have been a part of many kids’ lives for as long as the sports have existed. Youth sports keep kids active and helps them get out of the house. Youth sports help kids develop social skills at a young age and they gain a better understanding of the game. As a result, youth sports are important parts in kids’ lives because they help kids

  • Controversies In Youth Sports

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    Controversies in Youth Travel Teams Participation in youth sports in the United States is on the rise. “Organized youth sports are highly popular for youth and their families, with approximately 45 million children and adolescent participants in the US” (Merkel, 2013). There are many benefits for children that can be attributed to sports such as: physical activity, learning motor skills, sense of belonging, stress relief, and many more. With childhood obesity on the rise recreational sports has never been

  • The Importance Of Youth Sports

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    Sports, the everyday activity for youth in this generation was said to be emerged in as we rolled into the 20th century. Sport, an entertainment source for all is getting more recognized through organized youth sports. Moreover, over the time sport has become an everyday life routine for many families all over the world. Parents are enrolling their children into various sport activities to give their children an opportunity to learn something new every day. Socialization is very important for a child’s

  • The Importance Of Youth Sports

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    Kids love playing sports, and physical activity both provides health benefits and builds character through being part of a team. However, in many cases, sports can also bring many hardships upon children and their families. The increasing talent level in professional and collegiate athletics is causing young athletes to participate in higher levels of sports than are healthy for their developing bodies. This intensification and specialization of youth sport is causing an abundance of physical and