1.According To Seidman There Is Three Types Of Styles Of

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1. According to Seidman there is three types of styles of theorizing scientific social theory, philosophical approaches, and moral vision of social theory. The reason scientific social theory is important is because of the word scientific. Which is based on methods and principles of science. When you are trying to make, a theory using the scientific social theory you relay on science as the only way to achieve the collected body of knowledge. When using this method, you cannot use common sense, science is the only way to find out what is real. When using common sense to talk about social theory and behavior for a sociologist you become subjective and bias to other groups and cultures different from your own. For instance, in sociocultural…show more content…
According to Marx capitalism has a structured relationship between labor and capital which creates alienation. First the proletariat are alienated by repetitive work and assembly line like jobs. Many of these jobs do not require creativity or intelligence. The proletariat do not own what they produce so they do not take pride in their work. Capitalism promotes competition between collages which can promote alienation between themselves. I like to think of a skilled painter, it takes a lot of knowledge to paint a beautiful canvas. The artist knows his reputation is on this painting so he/she takes his/her time to make sure it is a work of art. Each painting they do will be unique in some way. Whatever they paint will be his/her property to sell or keep. 3. The two aspects of the Self according to Mead is the “me and “I”. The “me” is our social self and the “I” is our response to the “me”. The “me” is the interaction of the individual with other people and the “I” is the response of the individual to the community. The “I” subjective self and “me” is the organized self. The “I” is impulsive and subjective. The “me” is more objective, organized, gives direction and is less emotion. One example is that the “me” the individual may understand by watching significant others and teachers. That after high school in the US you usually go directly to college. The “I” might responded to maybe there is a better way, it might be better to travel or work for a year
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