1.Teacher Interaction. When I Notice About Interaction

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1. Teacher interaction When I notice about interaction development, first I go to the first lab. This is my first time to see a couple of children eating together. Today they eat some noodles with orange juice, some children drink and some are eating. Today my object is Finley who is a very beautiful girl. Finley not anxious to eat, first looking around for a while, with a spoon scoop up a spoon noodle soup, on the mouth blowing a blow into the mouth. He drank countless mouth soup but did not eat noodles. I went over and said softly to him: "We want to eat hard, eat more physically good, long high." After listening, he said: "Mom said I was good to eat very high "I said:" Yes! Finley be a bar, and now have their own food! "After listening, …show more content…

I think drinking independently is very valuable to cultivate the child 's physical ability. Her physical development is expected for her age. 3. Communication development My observed child is Finley. She is 2 years old who is the biggest child in Lab 1. At lunch, most of the children are quietly eating as little kids. In my observation, some children need the teacher 's help to eat. A teacher was fed with a younger girl. Good children 's eating habits, mostly gradually cultivate from childhood. Training children good eating habits is to ensure a balanced nutrition, good health, mental pleasure, physical and mental development of an important prerequisite. In daily life, we see the bad habits of children, the body is weak. The teacher just smiled and left. In this observation, I concentrate on the verbal expression by Finley. She was very fluently described what happened at that time and she was very loud to announce her point. Her language development is expected as her age. At this time, they are more capable of understanding semantics. Finally, emotional development for this age group focuses on learning to express and control emotions and feelings. As their sense of self evolves, children need to feel in some control (Holst, 2017, Spring). The child 's bad eating habits alone teacher unilateral efforts or not, parents should actively cooperate with the teacher 's

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