1. What Is The Impact Of Vocabulary Knowledge On Comprehension?.

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1. What is the impact of vocabulary knowledge on comprehension?
If students are focusing all of their time on trying to determine the meaning of a single word then they are not able to keep their attention on comprehending the text in its entirety. Teachers support students’ comprehension by teaching vocabulary that is integral giving meaning to the text. Students need multiple interactions with seeing and using the words. The best way to build this vocabulary is by relating the new words to words that students already know and activating their prior knowledge.

2. What is the impact of prior knowledge on comprehension?
Prior knowledge is the accumulation of all the knowledge that a student possesses, which is heavily influenced by …show more content…

This thought process does not come naturally for most students and they must observe their teacher reading and thinking aloud before they develop their abilities to question text as they read.

4. How can a knowledge of text structure support reading comprehension?
If students are aware of the structure of a story, they know what elements to look for when analyzing the text. Awareness of the fact that a story has a beginning, middle, and end, as well as various literary elements (theme, problem, solution, main idea, setting), makes texts more predictable and allows students to carry skills developed to comprehend one text onto the next text. Text structure is also important because varying types of writing may employ different structures to organize information. For example, knowing that nonfiction texts are composed of facts that may not need to be explored in a linear fashion as opposed to fiction texts that need to be read linearly in order to understand the developing plot, is an essential skill for readers. Their interaction with a text is going to be influenced by the text type and structure.

5. What are effective strategies for teaching and scaffolding comprehension?
Story mapping is an effective strategy that allows students to see the elements of the story and to become familiar with which are explicitly stated and which are implicit. After students have developed a

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