1232-Cleansed Database Research

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Good afternoon Damian, I hope you are doing well. I would like to thank you once again for your response and trust me we all try for the best. Regarding the transport database the invoice we’ve got here is for 1232 names (3 weeks of cleansing period). We’ve sent out 750 mails and the rest were supposed to be sent via e-mail. My question is if 522 were not interested why did you include them into the 1232 or 1247 cleansed database? Also according to my e-mail conversations with your people, it’s clear that 853 companies should receive an e-mail and the rest 700 a proper mail. So I don’t really know where this 1247 comes from or I assume they were duplicates. The first database we’ve got from you guys was 1554 names (please see the attachment). Then we’ve got an invoice for1232 names and now we are talking about …show more content…

I’ve mentioned before that communication between us is the most important thing. Regarding the existing customers, I have to admit that it was 100% our mistake not to provide you with as much information as we could. My question is, if you’ve called the existing customers before (this was the second or third time you were calling the existing customers) what exactly did you ask them on the phone if you were not aware of the project (for example what did you ask Kingsleigh Primary School as more or less you didn’t have any kind of information in your system). Finally, the e-mails that you sent us are automatically uploaded on MailChimp so there is no room for spelling mistakes. I believe, though, that all email addresses that have bounced and were included in my report for the sectors: • Existing • Architects • Health Sector • Schools • Transport Have already been corrected and I don’t need to double-check them. I’m pretty sure that we will manage to solve the mystery at the end of the day as we are all fighting on the same

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