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ASSESSMENT: BSBCUS402B – Address Customer Needs Assessment activity 1 1. What procedures could be implemented in a workplace to identify and analyse customer needs, wants and expectations? To identify customer needs, you should first determine who your potential customers are help you develop a more detailed picture of them and understand how to target them. Your workplace could implement a system where all existing customers are either sent out a survey or given a phone call to determine how satisfied your customers are with your service and to provide feedback on what they expect from your company. This data can then be analysed to determine what areas your company needs to improve on to keep these customers satisfied and to continue…show more content…
Your business should also accept refunds and repairs to any items within a reasonable timeframe. B) How privacy legislation should be applied and how they impact on your relationship with customers Every business collects information about employees and some may even collect information about clients and customers. This information is highly private and you need to consider the legal requirements of the act. You should teach your employees these legal requirements. Make sure that you hold and use personal information in a safe and secure way, and that you dispose of it securely when you have finished with it. Your customers trust you to protect the information that you provide to them, if you lose that trust – it is likely that they will take their business elsewhere; it is also likely that this could damage your businesses reputation. Assessment Activity 4 1. Explain why good product knowledge is essential for all employees Without high product knowledge, you will not be able to offer competent advice to customers or determine whether the product is a good match for the customer and also makes the customer feel more confident when buying the product from you. 2. Why is it important that you allow customers the opportunity to voice concerns and to question any quotes or estimates that are provided? It is important that you allow customers to voice their concerns as this shows that they are interested in what

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