1916 Killing Fields Analysis

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Adjectives that would describe the documentary, 1916 Killing Fields, would be heart-breaking, eye-opening, raw, gruesome, powerful, insightful, and heroic. So many brave men went into this war thinking they would be home shortly once after they defended their homeland. Unfortunately, no one predicted the way this war would’ve gone. This documentary recalling the events that took place during World War I showed the true hardships and brutality behind a world war. Watching the documentary, the various men interviewed all gave insight that was unique as well as moving. One man talked about organizing the troops and marching in the town parade before being deployed, “everyone was excited.” (Jones 1998). Upon being sent, there were 70 million men enlisted to fight in World War I. Britain was the only country to have solely volunteers, no one had to be drafted. Watching these men stand next to one another preparing themselves for something so horrific was incredibly hard. Even the men who were being interviewed were having a hard time recounting the events which shows just how terribly they suffered. Being in those bunkers in the ground, a soldier recounted a memory, “everyone was singing ‘We Will Meet Again in the Homeland.’” (Jones 1998) Seeing the circumstances and hardships of war showed the price those soldiers paid to protect their homeland. When the documentary switched to the start of the battle, you could sense the change in tone. The videos were harsh and unforgiving

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