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Business ethics is the application of legal and regulatory standards to business situations. a. True b. False 2.
Misleading advertising in print or television is illegal as well as unethical. a. True b. False 3.
Cultural norms can play a part in a person's ethical or unethical behavior in the workplace. a. True b. False 4.
Regulations and laws were much stricter in the first quarter of the twentieth century than they are now. a. True b. False 5.
The Interstate Commerce Act was the first federal act to regulate business practices. a. True b. False 6.
A Latin phrase, caveat emptor, summarizes the vulnerable position that consumers were in the early 1900s. a. True b. False 7.
The EPA is a federal agency
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/a. True b. False 5.
A responsibility audit is a comprehensive report of what an organization is going to do in regard to social issues.
/ a. True b. False 6.
Noise pollution might be addressed by workers being required to wear earplugs to guard against hearing damage. a. True
/ b. False 7.
The courts of the U.S. have ruled that quotas in affirmative action programs are unconstitutional.
/ a. True b. False 8.
The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed in 2009.
/ a. True b. False 9.
The Cigarette Labeling Act and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act are part of federal legislation that helps protect consumers. a. True /b. False 10.
Both President Gerald Ford and President Bill Clinton contributed legislation to the consumer bill of rights. /a. True b. False 11.
The __________ Act provides sweeping legislation for reporters of corporate misconduct. a. American Recovery and Reinvestment b. Federal Trade Commission c. Consumer Product Safety Commission d. Accountability and Transparency in Rating Agencies /e. Sarbanes-Oxley 12.
The __________ enlarged the solid-waste disposal program and provided for enforcement by the EPA. a. National Environmental Policy Act /b. Resource Recovery Act c. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act d. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 13.
Which of the following is false about business and social responsibility in the first quarter of the twentieth
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