2. What Are The Two Methods The Beef Center Uses To Castrate Calves?

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1. What are the purposes of accurately and positively identify purebred and commercial cattle? (2 pts) For production records and culling purposes. 2. Why it is often necessary to sort animals? (2 pts) Treatment for disease and to get groups small enough to work though chutes 3. What are the two methods the Beef Center uses to castrate calves? (2 pts) Surgical and banding 4. Name two of the three parameters that we can do to determine an animal’s vital signs (2 pts). And what are the normal statistics of them (2 pts) Temperature (101.5 F or 38.5 C), respiration (30 breaths/minute) and pulse rate (60-70/minute) 5. Name three ways of putting cattle IDs (3 pts) Tattoo, ear tags, EID, hot brands, freeze brands, hip tags and grease crayons.
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